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    Comparing translation costs

    Behind the Quote: Comparing Translation Costs

    Global SEO

    Driving Non-English Visitors to Your Website with Global SEO Strategy

    understanding translation rates

    Understanding Translation Rates - VIDEO

    September 30th is International Translation Day!

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    Supporting International Marketing and Sales through Translation

    interpreter cost

    How Much Does an Interpreter Cost?

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    Cost & Turnaround

    Olympian Suni Lee Sparks Curiosity about Hmong Culture and Language

    ROI for Professional Translation

    Fuel Company Growth with Translation – Measuring ROI

    How to Budget for Translation Services - VIDEO


    Skills Needed to Provide Professional Quality Interpreting Services

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    Using Local Language to Build Relationships

    The Global Marketing Show Reaches 1000 Downloads

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    Multilingual Growth

    How and When to Use Interpreting Services - WEBINAR


    The Benefits of Using a Professional Translator

    Google Translate – What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

    Qualified Interpreters for Virtual Meetings and Live Presentations

    medical research

    Improving Global Communications for Medical Research Company

    Optimizing Global Communications – A Study of Success

    Company Culture and Communication for Global Business

    New Global Marketing Book Reveals Strategies to Increase International Sales and Profits

    Why I Wrote “The Language of Global Marketing”

    Untranslatable – Translating Words That Have No Translation

    50 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Translation Company

    Translation & the Localization Maturity Model for Global Businesses - VLOG

    Choosing the Right Partner Leads to the Best Quality Translation

    What’s the REAL Cost of Your Employee doing Your Translation?

    Tips for English to Spanish Translation

    8 Myths about Interpreting Services Explained

    Handling Incoming Business: Delighting Multilingual Leads and Customers

    Avoid Risks and Liability - 10 Reasons You Need High Quality Translation

    Certified Translations – Do You Really Need One?

    Brand Name Testing & Translation

    Website Translation Improves Communications and Increases Sales

    Case Studies

    What Should I Translate?

    How Much Does Translation & Interpretation Cost?

    Google Translate Opportunities and Risks - VLOG

    Marketing for International Virtual Trade Shows – WEBINAR

    Chinese Translation and Interpretation

    Rapport International Recognized as a “Top 10 Most Reliable Language Translation Solution Provider”

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    Consistent Translations with Linguistic Matchmaking

    How to Proof a Translation When you Don't Speak the Language

    Avoid Global Growing Pains - WEBINAR

    The Global Marketing Show Podcast is LIVE!

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    Multilingual Growth
    global diversity and inclusion

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: The Pillars of a Global Market Strategy - VLOG

    Translated Content Increases Lead Generation - VLOG

    cost of translation

    Translation Cost: Pricing Factors - VIDEO

    Exporter Pricing Packages

    Rapport International Announces Packages for New Exporters

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    Multilingual Growth

    Human vs. Machine: Why AI Won’t Replace Human Translators

    To Translate, or Not to Translate – Key Points to Consider - VLOG

    checklist website navigation translation

    Website Navigation Translation Checklist: Don’t Miss These Key Points! - VLOG

    Unique Wooden Block Toys

    Honest, Cost-Effective Solution Helped Unique Toy Retailer Save Money and Increase Sales

    Case Studies
    Cost & Turnaround

    Options for Who Can Do Your Translation

    Medical form translation

    Translating Medical Authorization Forms - VLOG

    Don’t Make These 10 Website Translation Mistakes - VIDEO

    Rapport International Values

    Rapport International Values Explained - VIDEO

    8 Traits to Look for in a Translation Company - VLOG

    Watch the Webinar

    Jump Off the Cliff or Climb the Mountain? - WEBINAR

    sizzling global content

    Sizzling Global Content - WEBINAR

    Peregrine case study

    Energy Consulting Company Needed Customizable Form in 26 Languages

    Case Studies

    New Content Translation Service Packages

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    Cost & Turnaround
    translation facts vs myths

    10 Translation Myths Explained

    Fact or Myth

    Translation Services - Fact or Myth - VIDEO

    Translated Forms Improve Patient Communications for Medical Facility

    telephone interpreting options

    Telephone Interpreting Options for Medical Offices & Hospitals

    Options for Speaking to Patients on the Phone who Don't Speak English - VIDEO

    Watch the Webinar

    Mastering the Business of Life Science - WEBINAR

    Website translation costs

    Website Translation Cost and Considerations

    cost of website translation

    How Much Does Website Translation Cost? - VIDEO

    Personalized Service Helps Global Packaging Manufacturer Unify their Marketing Message

    Embracing Inclusion and Diversity - Boston Centerless Manufacturing

    Why Choose Rapport International? - VIDEO

    Translation Management Plan

    Successful Translation Management Starts with a Plan

    video remote interpreting

    Interpreting for Video Meetings

    Connecting people

    Connecting People Through Language - VIDEO

    multilingual marketing podcast

    Going International: Breaking the Language Barrier - PODCAST

    10 Biggest Problems When Doing Translation

    translation services

    Avoid These 10 Issues With Translation - VIDEO

    Many Translations for 'You Good' - VIDEO

    Can Your Employee Do Your Translations?

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    who can translate

    Should Bilingual Employees Do Your Translations? - VIDEO

    telephone interpreting vri

    Remote Interpreting Options - Telephone & VRI - VIDEO

    stay connected

    Stay Connected with Clients and Customers


    A Letter from Our President on COVID-19

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    crowdsource translation

    Is It Worth Using Cheap Crowdsourcing for Translations?

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    Crowdsourced Translation is Cheap, but Is It Worth It? - VIDEO


    Wendy Pease Speaking Engagement - Bryant University Women’s Summit

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    Can Your Distributor Do Your Translation?

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    distributor translation

    Who Can Do Your Translations? Your Distributor? - VIDEO


    Good Translation Starts with Good Writing – Global English

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    Write in Global English for Quality Translations - VIDEO


    Opportunities for Global Marketing

    global marketing

    A World of Opportunities - Global Marketing - VIDEO

    Selling Globally Through Your Website - WEBINAR

    translation services

    Choosing a Language Service Provider

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    Expanding into Multilingual Markets Requires a Strategy

    Multilingual Marketing Strategy for Growth - VIDEO

    Good and Bad Luck for Chinese New Year

    document translation

    8 Considerations for Getting High-Quality Document Translation

    High-Quality Document Translation - VIDEO

    multilingual Strategy

    When You Need Translation Services, Where Do You Start?

    translation where to start

    Where To Start When You Need Translation - VIDEO

    language evolves

    Only Humans That Provide Quality Translation Services Can Handle New Words

    international eating

    Culturally Appropriate Eating Around the World

    arabic translation

    10 Tips for English to Arabic Translation

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    VRI video remote interpreting

    10 Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Questions Answered

    favorite foreign word

    Summer 2019 - What is your favorite foreign word? - VIDEO

    Foreign language desktop publisher

    Foreign Language Desktop Publishing Explained

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    Foreign Language Desktop Publishing - VIDEO

    OneIMS video thumbnail

    Hire a Translation Agency with Marketing Expertise - VIDEO


    Marketing Agencies’ Top Translation Questions Answered

    Marketers' Top Translation Questions Answered - VIDEO

    Why NOT to Use the Google Translate Plug-In on Your Website

    Issues With the Google Translate Plugin - VIDEO

    video translation options

    Considerations for Translating Videos

    video translation options

    Options for Translating Videos Explained - VIDEO

    website translation

    The Ultimate Guide to Website Translation

    BioTech Translations - Improving Efficiency, Innovation and Global Communications

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    translation quality checklist

    Assessing The Quality Of Translations - A Checklist

    mass export step grant

    Apply for a Massachusetts STEP Grant

    translation quality assurance QA

    Back Translations and Other Quality Assurance Processes

    telephone interpreting

    Telephone Interpreting Services


    The Challenges of Technical Translation

    Translation for wordpress

    Website Translation for WordPress Users

    HubSpot translation

    The Essential Guide to Translation for HubSpot Partners & Users


    New World Exporting - WHITE PAPER

    User Guides
    Multilingual Growth
    essential marketing translation guide

    The Essential Guide to Translating Marketing Materials

    MA changing population

    Are You Prepared to Service Your Non-English-Speaking Patients?

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    Multilingual Growth
    life sciences thin

    Mastering the Business of Life Science Seminar

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    Multilingual Growth
    Think global - export

    Exporter Resources & Information


    Culturally Appropriate Legal Translation


    New World Selling

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    Multilingual Growth
    marketing translation tips and tricks

    Marketing Translation: Tips & Tricks

    User Guides
    Most spoken languages

    Increase Lead Generation with Website Translation

    International Product Launch Saved by Brand Name Testing & Translation

    Case Studies
    Problems & Solutions

    Rapport International Receives 2018 Best of Sudbury Award

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    NH STEP announcement 2019

    The State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) 2018-2020 - NH

    quote interpreter spotlight 01-03-19

    Interpreter Spotlight - English to Vietnamese – January 2019

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    Quote translator spotlight French 12-18

    French to English Translator Spotlight – January 2019

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    quote vietnamese interpreter spotlight 12-18

    English to Vietnamese Interpreter Spotlight – December 2018

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    Best Translation Companies in Boston

    Quote translator spotlight Spanish 12-18

    Spanish to English Translator Spotlight – December 2018

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    quote interpreter spotlight 12-18

    Interpreter Spotlight – English to Vietnamese - December 2018

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    happy holidays

    December International Holidays 2018

    High-Quality Translation

    10 Traits of a High-Quality Translation

    quote interpreter spotlight 11-18

    Spanish to English Interpreter Spotlight – November 2018

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    Quote translator spotlight 10-18

    Japanese to English Translator Spotlight – October 2018

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    Becoming an Employer of Choice - WEBINAR

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    12 Common Mistakes with Global SEO


    8 Tips for Making Sure Your SEO Works Globally

    German flag - the German people

    October International Holidays 2018

    interpreter pull quote 9-18

    English to Russian Interpreter Spotlight– September 2018

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    September International Holidays 2018

    interpreter pull quote 8-18

    Portuguese to English Interpreter Spotlight– August 2018

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    Don’t get Confused – Know the Language of Translation

    transweblation process eplained

    Simplify your Multilingual Website Translation Updates

    Watch the Webinar

    Conversational Marketing in a Global Online World - WEBINAR

    toasting with beer

    August International Holidays 2018


    Translation or Interpretation – 3 Important Questions Answered

    interpreter pull quote 7-18

    French to English & Spanish to English Interpreter Spotlight

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    Translate flags b&w

    More Writing Tips for Translation – Part 2

    multilingual chat

    Conversational Marketing in a Global Online World Webinar

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    Multilingual Growth

    Writing Tips for Translation – Part 1

    TIDBITS: Translation Goofs, Cultural Tips & Language Trivia

    Watch the Webinar

    Multilingual Marketing - WEBINAR

    wind anemometer

    Sensor Manufacturer Shatters Global Growth Goals with Translation

    Case Studies
    Multilingual Growth

    This Translation Sucks! Hints to get the Quality Translation you Need - WHITE PAPER

    User Guides
    Problems & Solutions
    legal translation and interpretation

    Hiring Legal Translators & Interpreters - WEBINAR