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Website Translation Improves Communications and Increases Sales

Manufacturer Increases Sales with Translation


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Communicating with
International Buyers


Website Translation and
Ongoing Blog Content Translation


About Numberall

Since 1930, Numberall has been a manufacturer of metal-marking equipment for stamping serial numbers, date codes, product codes, and other forms of permanent identification.

Numberall is a small company employing about 50 people with around $10 million in revenue, in sales all over the world.

Based in Sangerville, Maine they utilize quality local craftsmen for which the state of Maine is known.


Fractured Communications with Increasing Numbers of International Buyers

From the 1950s to the 1980s, the company advertised in print publications. When buyers from other countries who did not speak their language contacted them about their specialized products, they would use pictures and diagrams to communicate.

In the 1980s, an engineer from Columbia joined their team and facilitated communications with Spanish-speaking buyers. After he left, they resumed their fractured communications.

In the mid-2010s Numberall started seeing an increase in inquiries from Spanish speaking markets. They thought translating their website would improve communications with this new-found audience.

They looked at several translation companies. They were seeking an agency that was reasonably priced, could work within their budget, and that was a bit smaller and more personable.

They contacted Rapport International through their marketing agency Pulse Creative, as they thought we could provide a high quality and professional translation with the personalized service they were seeking.


Translation of Product Information Pages and Ongoing Content

Working together with Numberall and the advertising agency, Rapport International recommended pages and information to be translated. We advised that by providing answers on the website to commonly asked questions, they could simplify the buying process for Spanish speakers and improve the quality of communications with this increasing market.

The client reviewed and agreed on each page they thought was critical to the website translation project.

We translated the material as well as the necessary meta data to optimize their SEO for Spanish customers. In the process, we created a translation memory (TM) to save the client money on future translations.

The translated documents were uploaded to the Spanish website by the ad agency. Then the Rapport International translator reviewed the final web pages online to ensure that the layout was appropriate.

After the initial translation of their website pages, they decided to continue attracting customers in the new market by providing translated blog content to improve their search rankings. We worked with them to set up an automatic alert that would notify us any time they posted a blog. When we receive the alert, we translate and upload the Spanish blog to their site.


Increased Sales and International Website Traffic

The Vice President, Daniel Bayerdorffer says that they saw an increase in visitors to their Spanish language site after it launched. The translated materials have also improved communications, shortened the closing time for sales with Spanish-speaking buyers and have helped them grow through more repeat business and new clients.

Numberall continues to add Spanish language blogs so that their company and products show up in search engine results when buyers search their key words or terms.

Due to this success, they are considering further expansion by adding landing pages translated into Arabic, French, German, and other languages to increase business in other parts of the world. After their experience and successful track record, they are well-positioned to grow internationally.


“We see a spike of visitors whenever we post a popular Spanish blog.”

~ Vice President, Numberall


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