VRI Interpreting for unexpected situations.

While onsite or in-person interpretations are ideal, there are some situations where an in-person interpreter may not be available. In these cases you may be able to utilize the live-streaming, face-to-face services we offer for both spoken interpretation as well as American Sign Language (ASL). Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is an online interpreting service offered by Rapport International.

What will you get?

  • Live-streaming, face-to-face interpreters in many languages
  • Quality video interpreters through a vetted hiring process
  • American sign language (ASL) interpretation
  • Interpreter who can see and read nonverbal/visual cues

Easy to set-up VRI services with

high-quality video connections and interpreters.

With Rapport International's VRI services, you get a trained, certified VRI interpreter who can see the parties involved in the conversation, observe facial expressions, and read non-verbal cues and gestures to improve communication.

Video Interpreting Equipment

Video remote interpretations requires a high-quality internet connection, so all parties can easily hear without interruptions. Rapport International provides a confidential, secure connection, which is HIPAA compliant. 

  • Accessible on any device with an internet connection, camera and microphone
  • Confidential, secure connection -- HIPPA compliant

Why Video Remote Interpreting?

VRI is most useful for communicating with a client or patient who is deaf/hard-of-hearing, when meeting with a client or patient off-site where it would not be convenient or possible to bring an in-person interpreter, in outpatient situations, when your client or patient requests VRI, or for unexpected or immediate needs.


What's Next? View Our Process.

Our proven process of people-focused interpretations gives you the best solution for your multilingual communication strategies. If you're ready to learn more, start your journey with Rapport International by reading about the interpretation process.

Our Process

Costs and Turnaround

Curious about the costs of interpretations? Need to know which factors play a role in timing? Learn more about costs and expectations by understanding the factors and guidelines with interpretations pricing.

Cost and Turnaround

Kind words from our clients


"I so enjoy your bi-monthly language trivia emails (which are in NO way trivial!). Please keep them coming. Also, thank you for all you do for us. The Hindi interpreter, you sent was very pleasant, professional, patient & accommodating! Thank you for finding her."

Coordinator, St. Elizabeth Sports & Physical Therapy


"Let me say that we couldn’t be more happy with the work of your interpreter, she has been a complete professional and has embraced the task since she first arrived here."

Department Head, US Federal Government


"Rapport International has great customer service skills and the interpreters do an amazing job with patients."

Manager, St. Elizabeth’s Sports and Physical Therapy

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