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Rapport International Receives Coveted “E” Award for Export Service

Rapport International Receives E Award

Presidential award is the highest recognition for contributing to the expansion of US exports


Boston, MA and Lincoln, NE, July 21, 2022 – Rapport International, a multilingual communications company providing written translation and spoken interpretation services in over 200 languages, today announced receipt of the prestigious “E” Award for Export Service from the United States Department of Commerce. Now in its 61st year, the award is the highest recognition a US entity can receive for its contribution toward the expansion of US exports.

“U.S. exports are a crucial component of our global commercial engagement and example of our competitiveness in the global marketplace,” said Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce. “I’m thrilled to recognize the achievements of this year’s recipients for showcasing the innovation and dynamism that is characteristic of America’s private sector.”

Rapport International is one of only five service providers to receive the honor this year; in total, 19 entities from 15 states received the award. In 2021 alone, Rapport International supported over 150 companies in their globalization efforts, providing translation management strategies designed specifically for cross-cultural understanding. Culturally adapted translation is key to international success for US companies and likewise, for overseas companies entering the US, especially within the life sciences, biotech, manufacturing, and ecommerce industries.

“Rapport International has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion,” wrote Secretary Raimondo in the statement of award. “The ‘E’ Awards Committee was very impressed with Rapport International’s ability to provide services in over 200 languages. The company’s extensive use of social media and development of innovative marketing strategies for its clients was also particularly notable. Rapport International’s achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs.”

“We help companies start and grow their global presence with appropriate language and cultural respect and understanding,” said Wendy Pease, Owner and President of Rapport International. “Our team at Rapport International is so proud of the recognition for their hard work. And we appreciate that it focuses on celebrating our larger mission of connecting people across borders and cultures.”

In her opening remarks, Secretary Raimondo underscored the unique nature of this year’s awards, held in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic. She noted the recipients’ “remarkable resilience during the pandemic,” which severely disrupted global trade and international supply chains, and their combined contribution of nearly $1.5 billion of goods and services exports over the past four years as critical to domestic economic recovery.

2021 E AwardThe President’s “E” Award was created in 1961 by Executive Order of the President and is now comprised of four distinct categories:
  • “E” Award for Exports, for companies demonstrating a sustained increase in export sales over a four-year period (9 awardees)
  • “E” Award for Export Service, for assisting and facilitating export activities (5)
  • “E” Star Award for Exports, which recognizes previous “E” Awardees for four years of additional export growth (3)
  • “E” Star Award for Export Service, which recognizes previous “E” Awardees for four years of continued exporter support (2)

For more information on the benefits of exporting, or to nominate a global advocate for an “E” Award, visit www.trade.gov.

About Rapport International

With offices in Boston, MA and Lincoln, NE, and clients around the world, Rapport International specializes in multilingual communications, providing written language translation and spoken interpretation services that are accurate and culturally appropriate. We use the right voice and the correct terminology to avoid liability, customize services to your needs, and deliver on time and within your budget. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that it’s done right.

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