The right words are your passport to a multilingual market. 

You spend time doing market research, creating a message, and developing product names, company slogans, visuals, and packaging to resonate with your target market.


When speaking to a multilingual audience, you want the same amount of care in developing a culturally appropriate message and brand. NOT working with the right partner puts your reputation and success at risk. 


Rapport International specializes in building and implementing business communication strategies for growth through translation and multilingual marketing. When you work with us, you can be sure your content has culturally appropriate messaging, meaning, emotion and energy that aligns with your voice.


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Multilingual Marketing Services

Confidently communicate across languages and cultures.

global multilingual marketing strategy

Multilingual Marketing Strategy

With Rapport International as your multilingual marketing partner, as opposed to a low-cost language services vendor, you get an experienced partner that knows the power of words and has the expertise to make sure your products or services resonate with your target audience.

We look at your overall marketing goals to create and implement a multilingual plan for business growth. 


Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

Do your marketing teams struggle with lead generation? Drive leads to your translated website by developing multilingual social media outreach, SEO and online advertising. Our experts research your keywords and search phrases to make sure they're customized for the local market. Then we translate and adapt your social messaging to be culturally appropriate and relevant. 


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Market Research - Brand testing, Focus groups, Usability, Keyword localization, Transcreation

Market Research

Venturing into a new market can be a big undertaking with inherent risks with the potential for big wins and losses. To minimize risk, we offer several services to do the research prior to launch in a new market.


  • Brand testing
  • Focus groups
  • Usability
  • Keyword localization
  • Transcreation

Testing consumer interest and product/service cultural compatibility early leads to greater long-term success.


Client Communications - multilingual chat  In-person, Telephone, Video/remote interpreting Translated email templates

Client Communications

Sometimes the customer acquisition process is more than translating a website. When you need to have deeper connection with prospects or clients, there are ways to speak to them in their language. Finding the most cost effective and efficient way to communicate is key to successful relationships. Chatbots, apps, and VOIP cross the line between translation and interpretation. Get our leading edge advice on what will work best for you across any medium.

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Related Multilingual Marketing Services


Marketing & Product Translations

Marketing can be global or local depending on the product or service that a company is promoting. Rapport International works with you to determine whether a global or localized marketing campaign would work best to help you reach your goals. Then we translate the necessary materials appropriately for a successful campaign or product launch.

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Website Translations 

Allow your customers to do business how they are most comfortable – in their own language. A translation of your website by Rapport International is done by an experienced human translator who is fully bilingual, keeps up with new words and slang, and has knowledge of local language usage, buying habits and customs. Your website is translated with your brand and your message intact.

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Help your consumer understand so they buy

All consumer communication touch points, from the website, to packaging, to user manuals are important and require equal attention. Rapport International focuses on each touch-point equally and provides a consistent, culturally appropriate voice on all customer materials. With this dedication and attention to detail, your consumers “get” the message and are more likely to act.

Correct terminology counts in making the sale

One company tried to save money on their catalog translation for a trade show. Unfortunately, the sales team couldn’t sell at the exhibit because the catalog names didn’t match the names of the actual products.

With an industry leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a record of 100% on-time delivery, Rapport International maintains the quality and consistency in all marketing translations to avoid this type of confusion for consumers and marketers.

What Our Clients Say:

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"Rapport International is the first company I would turn to for translation support - bar none! They are critical thinkers and problem solvers who listen carefully, ask the right questions, and seem to intuitively understand the nuances of people, cultures, and situations - all of which bring a unique competency to their work."

New Business Development, SAIC


"I hired Rapport International for a small translation job that they handled with ease and efficiency. I have also introduced Rapport International to international marketers who have used her services on more than one occasion and thanked me for the referral. If you or a company, you know needs translation services you would be foolish to hire anyone except Rapport International." 

– Virtual Franchise Owner

Our Proven Process

Our proven process of people-focused translations helps you find the best solution for your multilingual communications strategies. Walk through through the steps of your translation project.

Our Process

Costs and Turnaround

Curious about the costs of translations for multilingual materials? Need to know which factors play a role in timing? Learn more about costs and expectations with pricing.

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