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Global Marketing Services

Words matter – the message you send into the world is at the heart of everything you do. Adapting the message, tone, and style of your marketing communications for an international audience increases your reach and revenue, while bridging language and cultural divides.

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Attract a global audience

Build brand loyalty

Increase revenue

The right words are your passport to a multilingual market.

You’ve invested time, resources, and money in market research that gets your branding, messaging, visuals, and packaging to appeal to your domestic target audience.

Studies show that businesses who put the same amount of time, money, and effort into culturally adapting and translating their websites and marketing collateral to attract international buyers see a significant return on investment (ROI).

The global marketing experts at Rapport International guide you from the start, capitalizing on your efforts for maximum ROI. We take the time to understand your challenges and help you craft and implement a strategic global communications plan to connect you with international buyers and realize your goals.

quote-icon    Rapport International's team understand the nuance of language and the importance of proper communication in marketing, so their translation services are top notch. 
- Buzz Development Director, BizzyWeb


Global & Multilingual Marketing Services

Rapport International specializes in global marketing and translation strategies that grow your business. We work as your PARTNER, providing guidance and culturally adapting your branding, marketing, and messaging to strategically position your company at home and around the world.

subservice - marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy &
Market Research

Reach your goals by working with a partner that has the experience and expertise to make your products and services resonate with a global audience.

subservice - lead gen

Website Translation, Lead Generation, & Customer Acquisition

Drive leads with a translated and localized website, adapted SEO, multilingual social media, and online advertising.

subservice - marketing translations

Marketing Translation & Localization Services

Convey a consistent marketing message that speaks to your customers in their preferred language.

subservice - client communications

Multilingual Customer Service

To build deeper connections with prospects and clients speak to them in their language.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:


Exporting for Global Growth

Companies that export see faster sales growth, job creation, higher pay, and better market stability.

At Rapport International, we guide companies to export success through high-quality translation, interpretation, and culturally adapted marketing strategies.

Explore the TREASURE MAP for valuable resources and to learn how to search for market opportunities, find assistance with market research, secure funding, and overcome obstacles.

Download it today and contact us. 

The Essential Guide to Translating Marketing Materials

Expanding into international markets demands more than simply choosing the right language. Should you localize or globalize? Is your brand – colors, images, symbols – attractive to the new audience? Does the core meaning of your message translate with cultural understanding?

Consistent, adapted messaging reaffirms your commitment to your customers, inspiring brand loyalty. In this guide, learn more about writing styles, cultural considerations, website and SEO translation, and more.

Download your copy today.

Our Multilingual Marketing Clients

Peregrine Energy Group
Karger Publishers
MHI Agency
Harbor Health Services
Juice Plus
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Shea Writing and Training Solutions

Strategic language operations (LangOps) helps companies grow.

A well-crafted communications strategy and content management process can propel your brand into the global marketplace. Building global brand awareness requires more than just visibility, however – it requires a thoughtfully designed approach that resonates across cultures and languages.

Work with our experts to identify and implement the strategies that will connect with your diverse audiences and employees, unlock new avenues of growth, and reinforce your rock-solid reputation.

Attract new leads and build loyalty with a repeatable strategy.

Studies show that customers around the world prefer websites, advertisements, packaging, and marketing materials in their native language.

In fact, more than 70% say they only visit websites that are localized in their preferred language!

Marketing in multiple languages makes your brand internationally accessible and demonstrates your appreciation and understanding of cultural differences, leading to increased customer retention, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced credibility, and greater market share.

Accuracy and consistency count in making the sale.

A single translation error or inconsistency can damage your brand reputation and cost you sales. Don’t be like the company who tried to save money on their catalog translation for a trade show only to find that the sales team couldn’t sell in the exhibit hall because the names in the catalog didn’t match the actual product names.

To succeed in the global marketplace, it's essential to use the correct terminology consistently in your target language. With our industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and record of 100% on-time delivery, Rapport International prevents miscommunication when it matters, by maintaining quality and consistency across all of your content and departments.


Is machine- or AI translation good enough to translate my website?

The short answer is no. The automated options that exist today cannot reliably adapt or localize your translation with cultural sensitivity. In addition, they are prone to a full range of issues, from minor typos to major cultural faux pas, even misinformation and untruths. Also, by using public platforms to translate you give up privacy, ownership, and copyright of the content. For marketing information, it is always best to have a professional human translator perform – or, at a minimum, review – your translations. Find more information about AI translation here and why to avoid using Google Translate on your website here.

What are the most forgotten marketing materials?

Many companies remember to translate their website, brochures, and other sales materials, yet they forgot to provide translation for their customer service materials and agents. When customers get frustrated with lack of support information, they don’t remain customers. Organizations that remember to provide in-language support have higher customer retention rates and thus grow faster.

Do I need to localize or globalize my website? What’s the difference?

That depends. If you’re selling a product or service with a distinct, nuanced voice/brand/personality that relies on tailored or customized messages, cultural references, currencies, jokes, slang, etc. to appeal to your customer base, then consider localizing (adapting website content to the language and culture of a particular market or geographic region).

If your target market is less influenced by culture and local customs or behaviors – like manufacturers selling industrial products – then globalization may be more appropriate. Globalization means that a translation can be used in multiple geographic locations, independent of culture or region; for example, when a Spanish translation would be as effective in South America as it would be in Spain. Download our website translation guide to learn more.

Why are glossaries and working consistently with the same translator important?

Marketing is all about repetition. Prospects need to hear your message multiple times to recognize your product and your brand; consistent messaging over time builds trust and strengthens customer retention. Using different translators, companies, or automated translation risks diluting your message and success. By keeping consistent with language translation, you improve the success of your international expansion. Learn about how we match our translators to clients and maintain pairings for consistency.

Should I translate emails?

Translating emails one at a time can become costly and slow down your communication, and using a quick tool like Google Translate may result in errors when answering questions. We recommend developing then translating a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be shared when a question is received via email. This saves time and money and keeps messaging consistent.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Testimonial - office group
Shea Writing and Training Solutions

Rapport International offers high-quality culturally and language adapted marketing and excellent service! I’ve been impressed with how the team at Rapport International takes the time to explain best practices on how I can reach my goals. I highly recommend them especially if you need marketing across multiple languages and cultures.

- President, Shea Writing and Training Solutions

Peregrine Energy Group

I have nothing but praise for Rapport International. Whatever we send is turned around quickly, professionally, often far ahead of whatever deadline we’ve asked for. 
I know that whenever we need something done that involves translating or interpreting, I can go to them and I'm not going to have to worry. 

- VP Community Programs, Peregrine Energy Group


Rapport International has been really great to work with in terms of communication, and the work they provide in terms of documentation has been easy for us to understand, easy for us to use and act upon, and it’s been very, very enjoyable to work with them as well. 

- Head of Digital Marketing & Systems, Pimberly

MHI Agency

Rapport International is not only my go-to source for effective business translation services - they are also one of my favorite content producers. Their experience and creativity make them the ideal partner for anyone looking for translation, cultural insight, or marketing acumen when doing business internationally. 

- Founder & Chief Strategist, MHI Agency


Our business has increased since we started using Rapport International for our marketing translations. By providing our advertising and print materials in a number of languages, we have seen our products explode internationally. Rapport knows how to make a product applicable and appealing in all languages and cultures. 

- Graphics Manager, TOMY

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