Missed Opportunities for Global Marketing


The global market is HUGE! Only 5% of the world’s population lives in the United States. Yet many companies focus only on the US market. Since your website and social media reach the world, why are you leaving markets untapped?

Imagine how fast your company could grow if you could: 

  • Attract leads across any language
  • Engage prospects, no matter their culture
  • Delight clients anywhere in the world
  • Trust that your messages are accurate in another language

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Convert More Visitors

Convert more website visitors into customers with correct content - and a solid strategy!

Are you a business leader who struggles to increase global sales, become more profitable, and strengthen your company?

Developing a global marketing strategy that aligns with your corporate strategy will simplify reaching your goals.

Are you an “accidental exporter” who entertains unexpected website visitors?

Accidental Exporters attract visitors from around the world without even trying!  Savvy marketers pay attention and then welcome them and experience faster growth.

Are you a marketing or sales leader looking for ways to increase revenue?

By learning how to speak the language of your prospects and customers, you will connect with them and surpass your goals. Learn new implementable ideas to bring your company to new heights.

Whether you are reactive or proactive, the new book, “The Language of Global Marketing”, explains how to become more effective and efficient in global marketing and sales.  This book is for you to succeed!


The Language of Global Marketing


A domestic strategy and only one language means lost revenue and missed opportunities. Your business could be exploding on a global level. If your business wants international growth, pursuing buyers without considering their language and culture or by using machine translation hurts your efforts. 


A solid strategy with high-quality, culturally adapted content and translations connects you to prospective buyers online and leads to completed sales. To convert more website visitors into loyal customers and increase profits, you need the correct content in the globalized or localized language for your target audience.


In The Language of Global Marketing, Rapport International President Wendy MacKenzie Pease provides the roadmap for business-builders to find new revenue from a global audience with the right quality content and tools.


Filled with easy-to-understand strategies and solutions to real-life situations, this is your guide to successful international expansion through global inbound marketing and translation services.


You’ll discover:


Why relying on machine translation hurts global marketing efforts


How to align expansion with your company’s marketing plan


Components of a successful Translation Management Plan


Secrets of culturally appropriate content and translation


Tactics to optimize and translate for global SEO


Advantages of a diverse workforce while expanding globally

Connect with your buyers across every language and culture – no passport or overseas travel necessary.

Download a Free sample of  "The language of global marketing"

A Global Business Guide for Success

I’m Wendy Pease, and for almost 20 years I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to help them communicate across more than 200 languages and cultures. I recently wrote a book to help companies learn how to bridge the language gap to maximize their marketing approach. The Language of Global Marketing is filled with easy-to-understand strategies and solutions to real-life situations that will guide you to successful international expansion through global inbound marketing and translation services.

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What Readers are Saying


If you’re thinking global as a business in the digital age, this is a MUST read

Finally!! As someone that has been helping brands produce content for years, I've literally been asked hundreds of times about creating a "global" content initiative. And to tell you the truth I've never had a really good answer in terms of a go-to source of information, mainly because IT DIDN'T EXIST... at least until now. That's why I'm so excited about The Language of Global Marketing by Wendy Pease, as she clearly gives the steps that any business or brand would need to go from domestic to international with their marketing initiatives. If you're thinking global as a business in the digital age, this is a MUST read.

Marcus Sheridan
Marketing Expert and Speaker

Wendy provides step-by-step instructions and valuable advice

Did you know that over 90% of people who speak English as a second language prefer to read web content in their own language and that over 56% will spend more on purchases from translated websites? I didn’t either until I read Wendy Pease’s new book, The Language of Global Marketing. Wendy’s book is filled with personal stories, tips, and best practices on how to best align your company’s corporate and marketing strategies to fit into the quickly changing multilingual markets for global growth. If you have been considering adjusting your company’s plans to be more open to expansion into global markets, this is the book for you and Wendy provides step-by-step instructions and valuable advice.

I loved Wendy’s chapter on disposable income and PPP in global markets compared to the US. I was fascinated seeing the differences of each country that was highlighted. Being an immigrant, I also was moved by the transition of the phrase “melting pot” to a “mixed salad – a dish that relishes the flavors, textures, and colors” regarding immigrants retaining language and heritage in today’s world.

This book is a quick read and I appreciate the action steps at the end of each chapter that review exactly what you need to do for each phase to attain global alignment. The personal stories that Wendy adds are edutaining! Edutaining is now one of my favorite words (Thanks, Wendy)! To learn what it means, you’re just going to have to read the book! BOOM!

Sangram Vajre
Co-Founder at Terminus / Peak Community Host, FlipMyFunnel Podcast Host / Author ABM is B2B, Award-winning book

This book spells out the common questions that exporters have about global marketing

I first connected with the author, Wendy Pease and her team nearly 10 years ago just as I was starting out leading New Hampshire’s Office of International Commerce, though she had been a familiar face before then. I was enthralled by her knowledge, her approach in connecting with our businesses, and making everyone realize that language connections matter and are achievable! I’m proud of how our relationship with Rapport International has grown over these past several years, and I see how confident New Hampshire businesses are venturing into international markets in part because they have Rapport International’s support in presenting themselves to new markets. This book spells out the common questions that exporters have about global marketing. Wendy and her team are critical partners to our office and all the businesses we’re helping to grow globally.

Tina Kasim
Program Manager, Office of International Commerce

Wendy Pease lays out a clear road to success with great frameworks

Expanding one’s business beyond the home market is an imperative but also something that many entrepreneurs and business leaders view with trepidation. Wendy Pease takes on one crucial aspect of such expansion – navigating the different languages in each market – and lays out a clear road to success with great frameworks, several relatable examples, and an easy writing style. Whether you want to more effectively communicate with multilingual consumers in the US, or you want to satisfy the needs of consumers in other countries who happen to find you online, or you are developing an international expansion strategy, read this book.

Kusum Ailawadi
Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College / Co-author: Getting Multichannel Distribution Right

It’s full of real-life stories

A clearly written and super practical book for marketing and selling in international markets. It’s full of real-life stories and examples along with step-by-step suggestions for success. I highly recommend this book!

Andy Molinsky, PhD
Professor and author of Reach and Global Dexterity

I found the book tremendously helpful

Recently I was given the opportunity to preview a book titled “The Language of Global Marketing” by Wendy Pease. Representing a company in a rapid growth mode, building new websites, expanding exploring markets outside of the US, and not a marketing expert, I found the book tremendously helpful. The author has created an “easy read” that covers some basic marketing, and a plethora of options for interpretation and translation including free, minimal cost, and premium cost options. Wendy shared the benefits and pitfalls of each option and helps the reader to prioritize needs. I encourage anyone that is considering entering global markets or utilizing translation services to read Wendy’s Book.

Rob Halverson
Sales Director, Quin Global Americas

Wendy provides us with the tools, encouragement, and data

Wendy Pease and her book, The Language of Global Marketing, is a roadmap to losing your fear and finding your courage to seek out customers on foreign shores! We all know that language matters when connecting with our target market. The beauty of The Language of Global Marketing is that Wendy provides us with the tools, encouragement, and data that compels us to venture far beyond our native tongue opening up a world (literally) of business opportunities.

Gabrielle King Morse, “Gaby”
President & CEO, The Center for Women and Enterprise

A must-read for cross-cultural business in the 21st century!

Wendy is an expert in international business, cross-cultural collaboration, and a multi-language expert. I have done quite a bit of international business myself and reading Wendy's "Language of Global Marketing" I smiled to myself seeing my own mistakes described in the book, along with best practices to prevent them coming from the authors' own experience.

Actually, that is what I most enjoyed about the book: the way in which the author shares in a candid way her own experiences growing her business and helping her own customers. In addition, it provides a fresh and up-to-date look at the role of language nuisances in the Internet world, including SEO and cultural adaptation to cement relationships and grow your business or professional activity.

All in all, a must-read for cross-cultural business in the 21st century!

Luis I. Cortes
Head of Marketing & Sales Programs, Red Hat Middleware

This is a must-read for CEOs looking to get into a global market

Wendy's book is AWESOME! I highly recommend it to all my clients who have the potential for global sales. Wendy clearly lays out the opportunity & vision, while providing a proven framework for thinking about executing a global marketing plan. This is a must-read for CEOs looking to get into a global market.

Todd Palmer
Extraordinary Advisors / CEO of 6x INC 5,000 companies / #1 International Best-Selling Author

Everything you need to know is in the book

“The Language of Global Marketing“ translates into more money for your bottom line. Read this excellent book written by expert and entrepreneur, Wendy Pease to grow and expand your business across borders and languages. Everything you need to know is in the book to successfully enter the Global Market. What are you waiting for?

Nell Merlino
Founder & President Count Me In Revival / Creator Take Our Daughters to Work Day