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Professional Medical Translation and Interpreting Services

Accurate Communications for the Healthcare Industry

Provide patient-centric care - Communication is so vital to good health that even slight misunderstandings stemming from language differences will put your patients at risk. At Rapport International, we're more than just language experts, we're your healthcare partner, translating and interpreting complex terminology and cultural nuances with the precision and sensitivity that ensures the quality care every human deserves.

medical and helathcare

Accurate communication

Regulatory compliance

Improved outcomes

Maintain confidentiality

Easily accessible, high-quality language services to promote healthcare equity.

Medical translation demands accuracy. When patient and caregiver are unable to fully understand each other, treatment breaks down and outcomes decline.

Our fully bilingual medical interpreters and translators have the knowledge and experience to convey sensitive, personal information appropriately, while adhering to industry regulations and compliance standards; their collective knowledge limits your liability, promotes service equity, and drives patient welfare and satisfaction.

We break down language barriers, unlocking lines of communication to connect the numerous people involved in quality healthcare – doctors, nurses, patients, families, social workers, insurance carriers – while honoring cultural differences. Enhancing these relationships undoubtedly improves outcomes – what truly matters.

We match our industry-trained and experienced translators and interpreters with you based on your needs and interpersonal style preferences, preserving those relationships over time for cost and time efficiencies. Use our high-quality services for:


Patient Appointments and Meetings


Medical Document and Forms


Public & Private Health Notices & Signage


Virtual Patient Meetings and Phone Calls


Patient Information and Communication


Multilingual Regulatory Compliance


Patient Engagement and Outreach


Employee Training


Satisfaction Surveys

We fully comprehend the importance of 100% accuracy in all you do. TRUST is essential to positive patient outcomes and having high-quality translation and interpreting services always at the ready lays a solid foundation for earning that trust, minimizing risks around non-compliance while maximizing patient engagement.

Award Winning Translation and Interpreting Services

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Tailored solutions for the medical industry.

Medical information is already complicated enough for most patients; making sense of it in a foreign language makes it exponentially more difficult. Our industry-experienced interpreters and translators ensure patient understanding, accurate, culturally appropriate documentation, and open lines of communication.

Interpreters Convey Messages Accurately and Professionally

Experienced interpreters are available in person, over the phone, or virtually to help patients and caregivers communicate. Our interpreters are trained to provide a “faithful echo,” conveying your message with precision; they also follow documented processes when questions arise or when language or communication styles require adjustments for cultural sensitivity and adaptation, to instill confidence in all participants.

Translate What’s Important to Your Patients

You need to translate forms and documents, informational packets and brochures, patient records and treatment plans, and website information. We work with you to determine what should be translated, prioritizing content and managing timelines to maximize consistency and reusable content, building time- and cost efficiencies into future projects.

Use Correct Terminology to Avoid Liability & Boost Understanding

Our interpreters and translators understand the precision involved with medical terminology. When questions arise, our translators and interpreters follow documented processes for clarifying ambiguous language and culturally nuanced idioms and similar turns-of-phrase to be absolutely certain diagnoses and treatment plans are 100% understood, instilling trust in all participants.

Never Afraid to Ask Questions

You need to be confident that your translation will be accurate and correct. Here at Rapport International, we never make assumptions. We capture the meaning of every document by training our linguists to clarify questions up front, to avoid mistakes. Sometimes a translation is so technical there isn’t a clear conversion for the item or process into the target language. When this happens, there are several choices, and we always discuss them with you before moving forward.

Budget-Friendly and Confidential

Medical and healthcare organizations work within strict budgets and pricing guidelines. Our pricing is competitive, and our mission is always to provide the highest quality translation and interpretating services to maximize the ROI on your budget dollars. We know, too, that medical documentation often contains sensitive and private information. Our translators, interpreters, and office staff adhere to all applicable agreements, rules, and regulations and maintain confidentiality with the utmost care. We comply with all industry requirements – the HIPAA Privacy Act, the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care, and related ethics protocols – and regard every document and interaction with the same level of care.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

Interpreting Services:

Everything You Need to Know

Dive into the world of interpreting services with our comprehensive guide. Find detailed descriptions of the various types of interpretation – consecutive, simultaneous, video remote, and telephone – and the best practices for working with each type of interpreter.

Download the guide today to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role interpreters play in breaking down language barriers to foster connections with your patients, clients, and customers.

How Much Does Interpretation Cost?

Interpretation costs depend on the type of interpreting service needed, time of day, length of the assignment, location, equipment needs, and travel expenses. Each service type will also charge in different ways – by the hour, minute, level of service, language, etc.

Become an educated consumer by downloading the guide today, to learn more about evaluating pricing and service quality, what services fit your needs, and how to measure the return on your investment.

What Our Medical and Healthcare Clients Say About Us

Pioneer Heart Institute

Pioneer Heart Institute will now use Rapport International services as our go-to for interpreter needs. We've had a lot of mishaps with our other servicer and after how quick the turnaround time was for today, that sealed the deal in my book.

I look forward to working with the team at Rapport International. Thank you so much for everything! 

- Cardiac Scheduler, Pioneer Heart Institute

Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Our overall experience working with Rapport International has been wonderful. The staff is professional, the customer service is wonderful, and we wouldn't consider going anywhere else. 

- Director of Marketing & Community Outreach, Nebraska Cancer Specialists


Rapport International always delivers a high quality product and in a timely fashion.

Thank you! 

- Sr Director of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, Renalogic

madonna rehab

Rapport International quickly responded to our need to get some specialized written email materials translated. The forms included complicated formatting and PDF barriers but they worked quickly with us to problem solve how to best complete the task and did a beautiful job. These documents will be so valuable in our work to help individuals return home after a traumatic injury.  

Rapport International is the BEST!

- Program Manager, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Old Colony

At Old Colony Elder Services, we like working with Rapport International since they never drop the ball. The staff there is responsive, friendly and accommodating.

We highly recommend their services! 

- Contracts Manager, Old Colony Elder Services

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