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    The Best Medical Translations & Interpretations Around

    Rapport International’s medical interpreters and translators have the knowledge and experience to handle sensitive, personal information appropriately. You’ll work with interpreters who know medical terminology and are fully bilingual in their language pair. They facilitate the conversation to avoid misunderstandings. For written information the translators are experienced in the healthcare field and medical specialties. Their knowledge limits your liability, and allows us to guarantee your satisfaction. Bottom line - working with Rapport International improves patient engagement and outcomes.


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    Our extensive experience of translation, interpretation, and multilingual services in the medical industry includes:


    Medical Document and Forms Translation


    Public & Private Health Notices & Signage


    Websites, Questionnaires and Multimedia


    Patient Information and Communication


    Multilingual Compliance

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    Patient Engagement and Outreach


    Patient Diary Translation


    Training for Staff on Best Practices


    Satisfaction Surveys

    We know medical consent forms, legal forms, disclosures, health notices, package inserts, patient instructions and authorizations have to be 100% accurate to protect the patients and the medical community. Rapport International carries a liability insurance policy that has never been accessed because we provide accurate translations every time.

    Want to dive into specific multilingual medical services?

    Rapport International makes sure that the translators and interpreters you work with understand specific local or global needs so that your materials and communications are accurate. At the same time, we serve as advisors on cultural questions to make sure you are communicating in a culturally-sensitive manner. Medical information is complicated enough for most patients, not speaking or reading English only makes it more difficult. Our interpreters and translators ensure that your patients can understand.


    Making Medical Information Clear to All Patients

    Our linguists bridge that gap and make the information accessible to all patients, in all languages. Providing in-language documentation and interpreters for appointments makes patients more comfortable, develops relationships and improves medical outcomes.


    Carrying the Right "Voice" Through All Medical Materials

    Your medical documents translated by our professionals have the right style, content and “voice”. Your messages and documents maintain consistency by having the same translator assigned to your projects. Learn more about translation services.



    Using Correct Terminology to Avoid Liability

    Medical terminology is precise- our interpreters and translators know this. Interpreters clarify terminology and cultural euphemisms to make sure the diagnosis and treatment are clear. Translators proof every single document for validity.  You get 100% confidence in the accuracy of your communications and decrease the risk of potential medical calamities and lawsuits.


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    Capturing the Right Meaning to Avoid Confusion

    Medical translators and interpreters are trained to capture the most appropriate meaning. When a word or phrase has more than one possible meaning in English. An experienced interpreter or translator knows to clarify unclear language. Rapport International linguists identify and clarify these types of questions.


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    Recycling Medical Translations Where Appropriate

    You shouldn't have to pay for the same medical translations multiple times. At Rapport International, we alert our clients when an opportunity to repurpose medical translations exists so you can re-cycle content and decrease the cost.

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    Convey Messages with No Additions or Embellishments

    Rapport International interpreters convey the conversation as a faithful echo. They may clarify a statement or make suggestions or adjustments for cultural sensitivity and adaptation for understanding, yet the meaning of the original message will be conveyed correctly so that both the doctor and patient understand. They will never interject opinion and they will remain emotionally neutral so that the conversation is professional and accurate. Learn more about interpretation services.


    Understand What's Important to Translate in Your Project

    At Rapport International, we have an in-depth understanding of medical industry translations. For example, on a health provider’s website, the “How-Tos" are extremely important to translate. That's why we provide the following in many languages: How to Schedule an Appointment, How to Fill a Prescription, How to Cancel an Appointment, etc. Often the “About” pages are not as crucial to have translated. Our experts develop a plan with you so you translate only what you need.


    Blog: Medical Translation Services vs. Medical Interpreter Services

    A qualified interpreter serves an invaluable role ensuring both the medical professional and the patient fully understand each other, and that treatment can be administered quickly and appropriately.


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    What Our Medical Clients Say


    "Rapport International's interpreter is always a blessing when he is here. He is so patient centered and such a hard worker. I really appreciate your team's help for in-person interpretation, as well as translating our patient document - it will really make a big difference for the families we serve." 

    Program Manager / Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals


    "At Old Colony Elder Services, we like working with Rapport International since they never drop the ball. The staff there is responsive, friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend their services!"

    Contracts Manager, Old Colony Elder Services


    "The Rapport International team are rockstars!! I cannot say how much I appreciate their communication and pro-activeness with interpreter log-in sheets. They make my work a lot easier and I cannot thank them enough!"

    Administrative Assistant Care Transitions, Bryan Health Lincoln

    "We require a significant number of translation services for medical/health care collateral in multiple languages. Many times we require a quick turnaround time which Rapport International has been super in meeting efficiently and reliably. I would never think of changing or assigning these jobs to anyone elses. The staff has been incredible in sharing tips and providing us with feedback to help us reduce cost and streamline our processes and translating needs. Highly recommended! "

    Marketing Manager, Harbor Health Services


    "Just want to give you a heads up on how we appreciate the wonderful job that your interpreter does for our staff. Always on time, and professional. She makes everything run smoothly. She certainly is an asset and helps to make our job a little easier."

    Patient Access Rep, Ortho Nebraska Hospital

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