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Translation, Localization, and Interpreting for the Consumer Product Industry

Gain global traction - Branding and messaging can make or break the success of consumer product marketing. We have the translation, localization, interpreting, and multilingual marketing services, experience, and expertise to help you create and execute a thoughtful, nuanced communications strategy that will resonate with multicultural audiences.

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Attract customers

Increase sales & profits

Ensure brand consistency

Comply with regulations

Driving global growth with expert translation services.

Consumer product marketing success depends on your ability to “speak” to the customer in the right voice, using the right words. Effective communication goes beyond words – it encompasses cultural overtones and clear understanding of your target audience’s values to build true connections. The Consumer Product industry demands accurately adapted and translated messaging that resonates to find a following, retain customers, and foster brand loyalty.

Our years of international experience with consumer products mean we understand the requirements and complexities, helping you navigate the nuances of product specifications, marketing materials, and on- and offline communications. We also analyze the full impact of your translated messaging to ensure a cultural fit between product and target market, so consumers interact with your product as intended.

Our documented project management and quality assurance processes maintain the integrity of your brand’s voice and messaging across all languages and platforms, and within all relevant communications, including:


User Manuals, Instructions, & Quick Start Guides


Product Packaging & Inserts


Safety & Recall Information




Digital Marketing Content


Marketing Materials & Sales Brochures


Market Strategy & Brand Research


Customer Service & Support


Proposals, Contracts, & Legal Agreements

Whether your content requires precise technical language or a creative touch, we have the experience and skills to effectively translate and localize your message. Our translators and interpreters are native speakers, a skill critical to providing high-quality language services to drive growth in new markets, domestic and international.

Award Winning Translation and Interpreting Services

Burton Snowboards
Kerry Foods
Pete & Gerrys
oh! toys
fit and fresh

Tailored solutions for the consumer product industry.

We assign only industry-trained translators and interpreters to your projects; they address localization and globalization needs with cultural sensitivity and unwavering accuracy. Our attention to detail and commitment to the integrity of your message guarantees that your brand and message will resonate with your target audience, in any language or location.

Global Marketing Services to Reach Your Target Audience

Your marketing efforts should be customized based on your target market. Messaging, packaging, colors, images, taglines – these are the details that attract buyers and build brand loyalty. A single mistake or misstep can easily lead to lukewarm sales and negative impact on your brand’s reputation. Get it right from the start by working with a company that specializes in global marketing and messaging.

Website Translation Boosts Global Sales

Are you looking to drive leads from different cultures, demographics, and geographical regions to your website? We match you with a translator experienced in your industry as well as global marketing. Our language specialists are fully bilingual, keeping up with new words and slang, with real-world knowledge of local language usage, buying habits, and customs.

Translate and Localize What’s Important to Your Customers

You need to translate packaging, print, audio and video advertisements, sales information, and website content and localize your brand to appeal to new markets and audiences. We work with you to determine what should be translated, prioritizing content and managing timelines to maximize consistency and reusable content, building time- and cost efficiencies into future projects.

Linguistic Matchmaking for the Right Voice and Consistency

As important as it is to address your target audience, it’s just as important to make sure you’re matched with the right translator, a linguist skilled in replicating your company’s style and “voice” while adhering to internal processes and guidelines. Our translators have in-depth understanding of the consumer product industry and are assigned to the same clients over time, building relationships which quickly produce time and cost efficiencies.

Professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) for Translated Materials

Layout and formatting are an essential part of many projects, particularly when translating materials from one language to another. Translated text can be longer or shorter than the original, so fitting it into your layout files can be tricky, especially when you can’t read the language. Our DTP professionals have the skill to format your design files and documents with multiple languages. Throughout the process we collaborate with you to determine the most important content to translate, recommending reuse across multiple formats when possible, to save time and money.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

AI and Language Services:

Will AI Translation Eliminate the Need for Human Translators?

Generative AI translation technologies debuted in 2023. Like its predecessors – namely, Google Translate and similar machine translation offerings – the technology is nowhere close to replacing human translators, yet there are clear benefits (and dangers) to getting acquainted with the technology and its current and future possibilities.

Read an in-depth examination of AI’s strengths and challenges, how it can be useful in its present form, and early experiences and reactions from leaders in the translation industry.

Download the guide to familiarize yourself with the technology and its potential, now and in the very near future.

The Language of Global Marketing:

Translate your Domestic Strategies into International Sales and Profits

Since 2004, author Wendy MacKenzie Pease has had many conversations about the benefits of exporting and the importance of doing global business with respect for language and cultural differences. High-quality translation and interpretation can bridge any divide; in her book, Wendy shares real-world experiences to help you seamlessly communicate across languages and adapt your messaging to engage target audiences and brand loyalists alike.

Filled with easy-to-understand strategies and solutions to real-life situations, this is your guide to successful international expansion through global inbound marketing and translation services.

What Our Consumer Product & Retail Clients Say About Us

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fit & fresh

Amazing job, we have used them many times for our tags/labels for packaging design and they have always been quick and efficient! 

- Graphic Designer, Fit & Fresh

oh! toys

Totally easy to work with and highly professional. We were able to get a high degree of confidence in the success of our project before we even started. The resulting translation of multiple pages of Japanese information was immediately useful on our website and in our email marketing.

- CEO, Oh! Toys

Juice Plus

I hired Rapport International for a translation job that they handled with ease and efficiency. I have also introduced Rapport International to international marketers who have used her services on more than one occasion, and thanked me for the referral.

If you need translation services you would be foolish to hire anyone except Rapport International. 

- Senior Sales Coordinator, Juice Plus


Our business has increased since we started using Rapport International for our marketing translations. By providing our advertising and print materials in a number of languages, we have seen our products explode internationally.

Rapport knows how to make a product applicable and appealing in all languages and cultures. 

- Graphics Manager, TOMY

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