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Here are the top 10 mistakes we see companies making when they translating their website.

1 - Don’t Use Google Translate for Your Website

We often feel like a broken record on this one, yet it bears repeating. The quality isn't good enough.

2 - Make the Language Switcher Easy to Use

When you attract leads who don't speak the primary language of your website, make sure they can easily identify the language switcher. Use a globe or flag to denote the tool.

Then make sure the drop-down menu of languages are translated.

3 - Use Appropriate Images

Using images that are not culturally adapted, or worse that are offensive in the target culture, will drive away visitors.

4 - Images with Embedded Text

When designers build text into the graphics, the images are difficult to edit for translation. It’s better to use titles or subtitles or text boxes on top of hte image.

5 - Be Thorough

Forgotten text can make your website look sloppy. Remember to translate calls to action graphics or buttons, headers and footers. Make sure you translate everything on the page.

6 - Don’t Forget the Behind the Scenes Text

Don’t forget the hidden text like titles and subtitles, and alt text. Remember to translate all the things that are behind the scenes so the search engines will work for you.

7 - Make a Plan for Translating Updating Content

Remember to translate updates like blogs and new pages. Businesses who consistently post content to attract leads and customers should do the same for each target market and language. Have a plan and process for translating your content.

8 - Make a Plan for Translating your Social Media

Your social posts need translation. You do all this wonderful translation of your website, now it’s time to drive traffic. One way businesses attract visitors is on their social media sites. Increase your number of visitors in all your target markets by translating your social posts.

9 - Translate and Adapt Your Contact Information

Visitors may want to contact you. Provide easy contact information. If you localize, show local contact information for each market/country. Make sure the information on the page, including any forms, is translated, AND make sure the contact phone number will work when used in the target market. 

And don’t forget, you need to make sure you have a process in place to be able to communicate with the customers in their native language once they call or write.

10 - Translate Conversion Offers

Finally, number 10 don’t forget to translate your calls-to-action conversion offers. If you've got CTAs on your website in English make sure you include them in your translation plan to convert visitors from your new markets.

And, of Course, It's Worth Repeating…

Don't use Google Translate!


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