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Nebraska Cancer Specialists case study

Overview: About Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is the regional leader in cancer diagnosis, treatment and research. They provide considerate, state-of-the-art care for their patients.

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is a subspecialty practice of 13 collaborating physicians who are devoted to oncology (tumors and cancer) and hematology (diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs). They are committed to providing patients with the state-of-the-art medical treatment and compassionate care in their outpatient offices and hospital settings.

Problem: Lack of In-Language Documents and Forms

Nebraska Cancer was experiencing an increase in the number of Spanish speaking patients coming to their practice. While they had experience working with interpreters for in-patient visits, they lacked adequate in-language forms for their Spanish speaking clients.

In order to communicate more effectively with the Spanish speaking population, they were seeking a provider to translate all of their ‘Welcome’ and ‘New Patient’ forms and documents into Spanish. Having these forms translated would help promote clearer communications, understanding of medical histories, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments, which would help improve clinical outcomes.

Solution: Experienced Translation and Desktop Publishing Services

Nebraska Cancer Specialists have worked with Rapport International for many years, utilizing our spoken interpretation services. Knowing and trusting our services, they sought advice  for their translation project.

After discussing the projects with us, they decided to have us translate all the forms as well as have our foreign language desktop publishing (DTP) expert provide the layout. They provided the necessary artwork files and information we needed to proceed with the project.

We assigned a qualified translator who had experience translating health care documents and forms to translate the material. We also worked with our DTP specialist to place translated text properly in the design files for printing. The final step was to have the translator proof the design files for accuracy.

Results: Improved Communications and Patient Satisfaction

Nebraska Cancer Specialists expressed gratitude for the quality of the translated forms and documents. With comprehensive information and medical histories from their increasing number of Spanish speaking patients, the practice saves time and streamlines communications which allows the practitioners to provide considerate, state of the art care to improve outcomes and satisfaction.

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