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Improving Global Communications for Medical Research Company

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Global Medical Research Company

The client was a global oncology company that develops treatment options for specific types of cancer. They’ve invented a technique that targets a specific type of tumor. The company has locations around the world.


Language Barriers Challenged Communication with International Staff

This international company was facing challenges communicating across multiple languages. Their goal was to be able to communicate information on HR issues, recruitment, and patient/doctor-facing surveys on their clinical trials. They also wanted assistance in holding monthly UN-style Town Hall meetings with all staff.

They needed both translation and interpretation solutions in four languages – German, Hebrew, French, and Japanese.


Personalized Written Translations and Simultaneous Interpretation

After getting a full picture of their struggles and goals, Rapport International suggested written translations with a personalized approach. Our experienced translator worked with their bilingual staff members to incorporate “in country” terminology and slang for deeper understanding. Due to the current restrictions on in-person meetings, we suggested providing virtual simultaneous interpretation services via Zoom for their monthly Town Hall meetings.


Improved Communication and Employee Interaction

We provided written translations of the HR, recruitment, and survey materials tailored to the audience with localized language. This helped the English speakers present relevant information to all their global colleagues. In addition, we held monthly Zoom interpreting events in a variety of languages to enable the staff to communicate effectively. One of the advantages of these Zoom Town Hall meetings is that they were able to record some of the events for posting on their website, providing a resource for future reference.

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