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    Manufacturing Translation Services

    We deliver you high-quality, precise translations for all your manufacturing needs - wherever you are in the world.

    Rapport International’s experience in the manufacturing industry allows us to translate intricate information with precision. From user manuals, packaging, and CE mark requirements to patents and service agreements, we specialize in manufacturing terminology and understand the importance of accurate translation to avoid operational and legal liability issues.


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    Rapport International has a long history of working with manufacturing clients. Our expertise includes:

    ce mark white for industry pages

    CE Mark Requirements


    User and Service Manuals


    Policy and Human Resource Manuals


    Installation, operator, and maintenance guides




    Work Processes


    Services Agreements & Patents


    Catalogs and Marketing Materials


    Data Safety Sheets

    white gear

    Specifications and Technical Reports




    Employee Meetings and Communications


    Health and Safety Manuals

    You need accurate and detailed translations. We know the ins and outs of communications for manufacturing businesses – whether it’s manuals for workers and engineers or instructions for the end consumer, our skilled linguists provide quality translations and interpretations each and every time.

    Want to dive into specific multilingual manufacturing services?

    Rapport International makes sure that the translators and interpreters you work with understand specific local or global needs so that your materials and communications are accurate. At the same time, we serve as advisors on cultural questions to make sure you are communicating in a culturally-sensitive manner.


    Focus on the Target Market

    Your translated materials need to speak to the target market. Whether you are translating a user manual or product specifications, not all materials are created for the same audience – a consumer expects a different document than a technical engineer. Rest assured, the linguist Rapport International assigns to your project will write in the appropriate voice for your intended reader.


    Work with the Right Linguist

    Just as it is important to keep the target audience in mind, it’s just as important to make sure the right translator is working on the project. Rapport International will never assign a technical translator to work on a marketing catalog and vice versa. Our linguists are technically precise, and along with being educated in your subject matter, they also have real-world experience.


    Never Afraid to Ask Questions

    You need to be confident that your translation will be accurate and correct. Here at Rapport International, we never make assumptions. We make sure we capture the meaning of the document every time by training our linguists to clarify questions up front, so mistakes are avoided. Sometimes a translation is so technical, there isn’t a word for the item or process in the target language. When this happens, there are several choices, and we always discuss them with you before moving forward.

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    Efficient Translation Process

    Layout and formatting is an essential part of any manufacturing translation. We work within your documents and lay them out for you in the format you want. We review with you what is important to translate and what isn’t, and recommend reusing materials across multiple formats when possible to save time and money.  Learn more about translation services.

    STEP Grant for Translation - Comptus Case Study Cover Photo

    Case Study: STEP Grant for Translation

    Learn how Comptus grew into international markets and increased sales worldwide.  


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    What Our Manufacturing Clients Say


    "Thanks again for the timely work on the Korean translations for the PowerPoint presentations. I was impressed with the rapid turnaround, and you were definitely very quick to respond to my queries. I enjoy working with you."

    Director of Manufacturing, Warwick Mills


    "I so appreciate the great service, Ranfac has counted on Rapport International for over a decade and looks forward to our next project together."

    Executive VP and General Manager, Ranfac

    "As a result of Rapport International’s quick response to several critical projects we were able to provide all of our packaging and informational needs in order to fill our very important commitments.

    The Rapport International staff was very cordial and even with requests for large amounts of multiple language translations, they were able to come through."

    Creative Services Manager / Gerson Company

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