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Personalized Service Helps Global Packaging Manufacturer Unify Their Marketing Message

Conitex Sonoco Case Study


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Conitex Sonoco


Multiple Websites and
Inconsistent Global Branding


Website Translation and Consolidation
and Global Branding


About Conitex Sonoco

Conitex Sonoco offers “packaging that doesn’t slow you down”.  They manufacture cost effective, innovative, sustainable packaging solutions ranging from textile packaging to paper packaging. They sell their products from offices in more than 10 countries across 4 continents. 

They started working with a marketing agency to consolidate their global websites into one and standardize their global brand and message. They knew they needed a reliable, experienced language service partner to translate the website, make the message culturally appropriate and simplify the process for keeping the website up to date in three languages – Spanish, Indonesian Bahasa and Simplified Chinese.


Multiple Websites and Inconsistent Brand Message

The global offices offer different products and historically had different websites to handle the varying products and languages.  Yet, the company wanted a global voice and marketing plan to increase business in all parts of the world.  By having different websites, the company did not have a similar look, feel and message.

Conitex Sonoco and their marketing agency were looking to partner with a responsive translation agency that would help create a process for requesting and posting high-quality, culturally adapted translations to attract and delight customers. Before finding Rapport International they had worked with two different language service agencies and were disappointed with the quality of the translation and the level of customer service with both. Keeping the local country managers and the home office staff happy with the results could be challenging.


Personalized Process with a Focus on Quality

Conitex Sonoco worked with their marketing agency to develop a cohesive, global marketing strategy and message, then they developed one website to represent the company. Each country had an existing in-language glossary of terms for their products that could be used for the project, and it was important to the company that the employees could review the translations for accuracy and quality. Keeping the employees involved and vested in the new website was important to them. The internal employee reviews and the responsiveness of the two previous language service providers was unsatisfactory. The marketing agency had heard about Rapport International through our work with HubSpot, and they contacted us about the project.

After discussing the project and the challenges they’d had, all parties worked together to develop a multilingual strategy that would align with the new marketing strategy, figure out a customized project management process to translate the appropriate pages and product information for each region, incorporate their requested internal review process and deliver high quality translations to best represent their company.

Rapport International worked closely with Conitex Sonoco and the marketing agency to implement the new plan and provide translation of applicable parts of the website in Spanish, Indonesian Bahasa and Simplified Chinese. The website launched and is now available in 4 languages.


Consolidated Website with Process for Global Communications

Conitex Sonoco now has a unified website that accurately shows the products offered in each region, accessible in the local language.  The marketing message is unified, bi-lingual employees are pleased with the quality of the translations, and the marketing department can now focus on global inbound and social media marketing to one site rather than multiple sites.

As their ongoing translation provider, Rapport International continues to provide translation services for Conitex Sonoco’s changing content and new offerings, helping them build their global business by attracting customers in their native languages.

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