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Translation and Localization Services for Marketing Materials

Unlock global markets – getting your marketing message just right is key to your success. Adapting, localizing, and translating information about your goods and services in the local language of your target market fuels growth and builds brand loyalty.

marketing translations

Attract and retain customers

Increase revenue

Ensure brand consistency

Why translate your marketing materials?

Marketing professionals know the importance of consistent messaging that at once speaks to prospective customers and builds loyalty with current customers. You spend time doing market research, creating messaging, and developing product names, company slogans, visuals, and packaging that resonate with your target customers. However, limiting your message to just one language by definition narrows your potential customer base.

By translating your marketing materials, you can break down language barriers and connect with consumers from different cultures and backgrounds.

A translated and localized marketing campaign helps you communicate effectively and shows your commitment to addressing the unique needs of your international customers or limited English-speaking customers in the US. This builds trust and credibility, making them more likely to engage with your brand and ultimately make a purchase.

Moreover, localization allows you to tailor your marketing messages to specific regions and demographics. It’s more than translating words, it is also adapting nuances, idioms, and cultural references to resonate with your audience. Localizing your website and marketing campaigns cultivates a stronger emotional connection with your customers, making them more receptive to your brand message.

Investing in translation and localization of your marketing materials is an investment in the future of your business. It opens doors to new markets, fosters customer loyalty, and sets you apart from your competitors.

What materials should you translate?

From product packaging and inserts to advertising materials and websites, in today’s interconnected world translation of customer-facing information and messaging is vital.

marketing translation

Products and Packaging

marketing translation


marketing translation

Branding Assets

marketing translation

Brochures and Catalogs

marketing translation

Press Releases

marketing translation

Instructions and Package Inserts

marketing translation

Proposals and Presentations

marketing translation

Website and Ecommerce Content

marketing translation

Recall Information

Our translation and localization services amplify your brand’s reach and resonance. Partner with us to transform your marketing materials into compelling, culturally relevant content that captivates audiences worldwide.


What is marketing translation?

Marketing translation is the transformation of promotional information from one language into another. A translation company with marketing expertise will work with you to adapt your materials with cultural relevance, to appeal to your new target audience. For answers to additional marketing translation questions click here.

Why is the translation of marketing materials important?

Translating and adapting your marketing information and collateral is important because studies repeatedly show that consumers prefer to purchase from companies who provide information in their preferred language. For example, a Gallup survey reports that 72% of consumers are more likely to buy, and 56% are willing to pay more, when a company gives them information in their preferred language. Read more about driving sales with marketing translation.

What does it mean to localize marketing materials?

Localization goes a step beyond translation, the conversion of written material from one language into another. When you localize your marketing materials you adapt your message and materials to the language, culture, location, and demographics of the target audience. Localization takes into consideration local traditions, cultural nuances and references, slang, idioms, and humor. It builds a deeper connection with your target audience. Learn more about growing your business with adapted and localized translation.

What is the main benefit of translating and localizing marketing information?

Translating and localizing marketing information preserves your brand integrity and reputation. Your voice, brand personality, and message are adapted to resonate with a specific, new audience and elicit the emotional response and connection your current customers experience. Read the Essential Guide to Marketing Translation.

Is machine- or AI translation good enough to translate my website?

The short answer is no. The automated options that exist today cannot reliably adapt or localize your translation with cultural sensitivity. In addition, they are prone to a full range of issues, from minor typos to major cultural faux pas, even misinformation and untruths. Also, by using public platforms to translate you give up privacy, ownership, and copyright of the content. For marketing information, it is always best to have a professional human translator perform – or, at a minimum, review – your translations. Find more information about AI translation here and why to avoid using Google Translate on your website here.

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The Essential Guide to Translating Marketing Materials

Expanding into international markets demands more than simply choosing the right language. Should you localize or globalize? Is your brand – colors, images, symbols – attractive to the new audience? Does the core meaning of your message translate with cultural understanding?

Consistent, adapted messaging reaffirms your commitment to your customers, inspiring brand loyalty. In this guide, learn more about writing styles, cultural considerations, website and SEO translation, and more.

Download your copy today.

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I give Rapport International 5 stars, thank you for your great service.

- Owner, Mallard Printing

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Our experience working with Rapport International has been really great. It's really smooth and seamless, I would highly recommend them for anybody who has any translation needs.

They're great. We love them. 

- Senior Account Executive, MORE Advertising

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Rapport International is all about people – clients who want to communicate with their audiences, linguists who facilitate these conversations, project managers who serve as the conduit of information, and our community who benefits from cultural and language understanding. 

- Owner, Strategic Marketing Consulting

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Rapport International offers high-quality culturally and language adapted marketing and excellent service! I’ve been impressed with how the team at Rapport International takes the time to explain best practices on how I can reach my goals.

I highly recommend them especially if you need marketing across multiple languages and cultures.

- President, Shea Writing and Training Solutions

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It has been a pleasure working with Rapport International – thank you again for your quick responses from start to finish, and for giving us exactly what we needed.

I will definitely be reaching out again! 

- Director of Technical Assistance, Anlar

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Costs & turnaround

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