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Translation and Interpretation Services for Government Agencies

Building community - Clear and effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful government or community initiative. With over 30 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for breaking down language barriers to foster inclusive communities. At the same time, we are a certified, woman-owned small business, fulfilling your small business/diversity vendor requirements.

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Accurate communication

Regulatory compliance

Improved community engagement

Maintain confidentiality

Government and public sector language services you can trust.

Government agencies and departments are held to the highest standards of information management. The information needs to be timely, accurate, and accessible. As we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to our communities, there is an urgent need to collect, maintain, and disseminate information in an increasing number of languages – accurately, with the right voice. Our expert linguists handle each project with attention to detail, cultural sensitivity, and confidentiality to help you better serve the needs of every community.

At Rapport International we go beyond translation and interpretating services – we become an extension of your team, fully invested in your mission to ensure seamless communication in all you do.

We have provided translation and interpretation services for many government clients over the years. Our expertise includes:


Public Service Announcements


Community Meetings & Health Forms


Notices & Alerts


Registrations, Disclosures & Benefits Info




Legal & Court Documents




Military Communications


Immigration Documents


Employee Communications


Retirement Info & Birth certificates


Constituent Communications and Appointments

You need accurate and culturally sensitive communications across channels and departments. We provide the quality translation and interpreting services you need to connect with your clients and community members.

Award Winning Translation and Interpreting Services

commonwealth of ma
City of Boston
Boston planning and development agency
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Dept
Lincoln NE public works
state of nebraska

Tailored solutions for government and public sector organizations.

Rapport International delivers comprehensive language solutions tailored to your specific needs. From high-quality translation and interpretation services to culturally appropriate localization, our team is adept at ensuring seamless communication across diverse populations.

Translate Information to Reach Your Community

You need to translate simple forms and documents, community announcements, website content, regulatory materials, or public safety information. We work with you to determine what should be translated, prioritizing content and managing production schedules to maximize consistency and reusable content, building time and cost efficiencies into future projects.

Interpreters Convey Messages Accurately and Professionally

Experienced interpreters are available in person, over the phone, or virtually to help you communicate with the people in your community. Our interpreters are trained to provide a “faithful echo,” conveying your message with precision; they also follow documented processes when questions arise or when language or communication styles require adjustments for cultural sensitivity and adaptation, to instill confidence in all participants.

Use Correct Terminology to Avoid Liability & Boost Understanding

Our interpreters and translators understand the high standards to which government agencies are held. When questions arise, our translators and interpreters follow documented processes for clarifying ambiguous language and culturally nuanced idioms and similar turns-of-phrase to be absolutely certain messaging is 100% understood, instilling trust in all participants.

Budget-Friendly and Confidential

Government departments work within strict budgets and pricing guidelines. Our pricing is competitive, and our mission is always to provide the highest quality translation and interpretating services to maximize the ROI on your budget dollars. We know, too, that government documentation often contains sensitive and private information. Our translators, interpreters, and office staff adhere to all applicable agreements, rules, and regulations and maintain confidentiality with the utmost care. We comply with all industry requirements and regard every document and interaction with the same level of care.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

Interpreting Services:

Everything You Need to Know

Dive into the world of interpreting services with our comprehensive guide. Find detailed descriptions of the various types of interpretation – consecutive, simultaneous, video remote, and telephone – and the best practices for working with each type of interpreter.

Download the guide today to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role interpreters play in breaking down language barriers to foster connections with your patients, clients, and customers.

Successful Translation Management Starts with a Plan

Before embarking on a translation project, take the time to develop a Translation Management Plan (TMP), a tool essential to your project’s success.

A TMP is a document outlining the goals, strategies, and processes for translating content into multiple languages; it is designed to improve the efficiency, impact, and value of translation projects, leading to greater success for your business.

Learn key points about creating a TMP and aligning your strategy and communication goals for global growth.

What Our Government Clients Say About Us

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City of Boston

The Rapport team is very communicative and quick to respond. They've returned my translations early to me even on short notice.

- Partnerships and Community Engagement Manager, City of Boston

Boston planning and development agency

Rapport International has been incredibly supportive and responsive and have always provided what we are looking for. The requests were accepted, and returned in a timely manner, and with great quality.

Rapport is helping us communicate effectively with our diverse and multilingual community, and I look forward to working with them in the future!

- Language Access Coordinator, Boston Planning & Development Agency


We use Rapport International's over-the-phone interpreting service to stay in compliance with language access requirements. The service offers users the opportunity to speak to a person in any language within seconds. Plus you pay as you go - it's there when you need it and it's inexpensive. They are fast and provide good interpreting. 

- Chief of Labor Compliance, NH Department of Transportation

assistive technology partnership

We appreciate Rapport International's responsiveness and the easy working relationship that we have with them.  They provide high quality interpreters who we know we can depend on.  I've referred them to others that have a need for language services.

You will be pleased when you work with Rapport International. 

- Manager, Assistive Technology Partnership, State of Nebraska

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