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Expert Website Translation Services

Unlock global success – Your online presence is your international identity, your first point of contact with people and prospects worldwide. Everyone, everywhere, prefers shopping for goods and services in their preferred language – translate to attract and keep visitors from new markets.

website translation

Attract leads in new markets

Convert more customers

Increase revenue & profits

Website localization and translation: a powerful tool for business growth.

A study of European internet users found that 72% are more likely to buy a product or service from a website that provides information in their native language.

Whether you’re selling goods or services, your website means you’re visible to people all around the world; if it’s only in one language, you’re missing out on potential sales. A high-quality translation of your website – or of key information from your website – is a proactive way to communicate with potential customers and ensure that the messages they receive are accurate and culturally relevant.

At Rapport International, we work with clients to define goals, set strategies, create a tailored project plan, and provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution, all designed to help you reach a broader audience, boost sales, build a strong brand image, and win loyal customers.

Tailored solutions for every industry.

We understand that your business is unique, with distinct goals, audiences, and industry-specific conventions and nuances. We take the time to learn about your challenges and goals, then prioritize your website content for translation and localization, a process that generates a clear-cut and repeatable new market strategy.

The most effective strategy will build its foundation upon a combination of:

website translation

Web Pages

website translation

Product Pages and Descriptions

website translation


website translation

FAQ Knowledge Bases

website translation

Landing Pages

website translation

Blog Posts and Content Pages

website translation

Targeted Keywords

website translation

Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

website translation

White Papers, eBooks, and Guides

We have the expertise to guide you along your journey while drawing the most value out of your investment.

Drive leads and convert customers with multilingual digital marketing.

Website translation can take many forms – globalization, localization, cultural adaptation, transcreation – yet inspire the same end results: attracting leads, converting more customers, and increased revenues. Key components include SEO, social media outreach, advertising, and content creation and marketing in your target audience’s preferred language.

Learn more about each component and check out our Translation Packages for Marketing Content to determine which one is right for you.

SEO Localization and Translation

SEO localization and translation, when formulated and implemented with intention, are the key to opening new target markets. Start off strong – or refine and enhance your existing strategy – with these practical steps:

  • Make sure your keywords are culturally relevant and appropriate to attract the right traffic from your new audience. Maintaining a language- and location-specific glossary will help keep this consistent.
  • Make sure cookies are set up to be language specific so visitors don’t have to pick their language every time they visit.
  • Assign the correct hreflang tags for language and country.
  • Measure performance and make changes when necessary.
  • Consult with a professional translation company for guidance and to answer questions that arise.

Social Media Localization

We’ve all used the automatic translation tools on our favorite social media site and had a good laugh at the AI-generated or machine translation output. But it’s not so funny when a potential customer laughs at our post and then moves on (or worse, becomes offended and hits “unsubscribe”) because we relied on inconsistent, flawed technology. We just sunk costs and opportunities, losing a prospect before the buyer’s journey could even begin!

Maintain your stellar reputation by strategically translating any digital marketing posts that could impact your brand reputation or customer experience. Social media posts should be professionally translated to preserve your brand voice and keep messaging consistent for your leads and customers around the world.

Cultural Adaptation of Advertising Content

Advertising in any form – print, video, audio, social media, or search engine – works best when it appeals to the local audience; what works in one location may fall flat in another. This is especially true when it involves the use of humor, public figures, societal norms or traditions, and visuals (locations, colors, people, symbols, and other culturally nuanced specifics).

Getting the details right makes all the difference. We work as your strategic partner, identifying, then adapting and localizing the campaign content that will make a difference, in every locale.

Marketing Content Translation and Localization

Marketers have long operated under the mantra “Content is King!” In that case, we assert that “Consistency is Queen” – consistent publication and posting drives visits – and “Translation is Princess,” able to attract an international audience by courting engagement in the language of each individual’s choosing.

Translating or localizing your key pieces of content will attract visitors from your international target markets; it will do the same within your diverse, multilingual domestic audience. Take the time to analyze the content most effective with your current visitors to create a strategy that guarantees the highest ROI from your translation investment.


Why should I translate my website?

Studies show that businesses who translate their website attract more visitors, convert more customers, and have higher revenues. Some significant statistics:

  • There are 3.5 billion internet users worldwide and <10% are native English speakers.
  • 80% of the world’s purchasing power resides outside the United States.
  • Translated websites convert 3x more visitors than single language websites or sites that use an automatic translation tool.
  • A Gallup survey reports that >56% of European internet users say they will pay more for products presented in their native language…
  • and 42% say they never purchase from a website that isn’t in their native language.

Learn more about increasing lead generation with website translation.

How much does it cost to translate an entire website?

Websites today have hundreds of pages – company information, product and service pages, resources, landing pages, and the like – making full website translation a huge, very expensive undertaking. If your budget is tight or your website has not yet been translated at all, we may recommend clients narrow their focus down to a “microsite,” a handful of key product and information pages that currently attract the most visitors and a page answering key FAQs. This keeps costs manageable while giving the client a concrete opportunity to assess initial ROI in the new market. Read more about the cost of website translation.

Can’t visitors just use their browser’s automatic translation tool? Isn’t that good enough?

Automatic and machine translation engines are free but are not 100% reliable, producing mistranslations and errors especially when words have multiple meanings, depending on context. This is particularly true if your website contains technical information or jargon, cultural references and examples specific to a geographic location, or any descriptive or nuanced marketing messaging essential to your brand identity. To make a good impression on a new market, use a high-quality translation company for guaranteed accuracy. Learn more about the dangers of using automatic website plugins.

Do I need to localize or globalize my website? What’s the difference?

That depends. If you’re selling a product or service with a distinct, nuanced voice/brand/personality that relies on tailored or customized messages, cultural references, currencies, jokes, slang, etc. to appeal to your customer base, then consider localizing (adapting website content to the language and culture of a particular market or geographic region).

If your target market is less influenced by culture and local customs or behaviors – like manufacturers selling industrial products – then globalization may be more appropriate. Globalization means that a translation can be used in multiple geographic locations, independent of culture or region; for example, when a Spanish translation would be as effective in South America as it would be in Spain. Download our website translation guide to learn more.

Is machine- or AI translation good enough to translate my website?

The short answer is no. The automated options that exist today cannot reliably adapt or localize your translation with cultural sensitivity. In addition, they are prone to a full range of issues, from minor typos to major cultural faux pas, even misinformation and untruths. Also, by using public platforms to translate you give up privacy, ownership, and copyright of the content. For marketing information, it is always best to have a professional human translator perform – or, at a minimum, review – your translations. Find more information about AI translation here and why to avoid using Google Translate on your website here.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

AI and Language Services:

Will AI Translation Eliminate the Need for Human Translators?

Generative AI translation technologies debuted in 2023. Like its predecessors – namely, Google Translate and similar machine translation offerings – the technology is nowhere close to replacing human translators, yet there are clear benefits (and dangers) to getting acquainted with the technology and its current and future possibilities.

Read an in-depth examination of AI’s strengths and challenges, how it can be useful in its present form, and early experiences and reactions from leaders in the translation industry.

Download the guide to familiarize yourself with the technology and its potential, now and in the very near future.

Successful Translation Management Starts with a Plan

Before embarking on a translation project, take the time to develop a Translation Management Plan (TMP), a tool essential to your project’s success.

A TMP is a document outlining the goals, strategies, and processes for translating content into multiple languages; it is designed to improve the efficiency, impact, and value of translation projects, leading to greater success for your business.

Learn key points about creating a TMP and aligning your strategy and communication goals for global growth.

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MassBay Community College

Rapport International responded to my translation needs in a timely manner, considerate of financial constraints of my client and consulted with me regarding the best way to get the project completed. I will use Rapport International again in the future. 

- MassBay Community College


Rapport International’s free project consultation saved me thousands of dollars on a website translation project!

My budget appreciated that! 

- CEO, yourgiftcertificate.com

Laire Group

Rapport has been a god-send and the best translation services firm we have found (we have been through 3 so far, including the largest) and our experience has been fantastic working with them.

The results exceeded our requirements and I highly recommend them to any company who needs excellent translation services performed.

Thank you Rapport International!

- Owner, Laire Group Marketing

oh_ toys

Totally easy to work with and highly professional. We were able to get a high degree of confidence in the success of our project before we even started. The resulting translation of multiple pages of Japanese information was immediately useful on our website and in our email marketing.

- CEO, Oh! Toys

RI Kids Count

I highly recommend Rapport International! They have helped us to translate a variety of educational materials including a website, brochure, posters, handouts, and blog postings. They are always on-time (or ahead of time), professional, and accurate. 

- Deputy Director, RI Kids Count

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Costs & turnaround

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