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Comptus Case Study

Overview: About Comptus

Known for reliability and accuracy, Comptus is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial wind sensors and an expert in agricultural, environmental, utility, and municipal fields. Dedicated to producing high-quality instruments, the company’s objective is to be the environmental sensor manufacturer of choice, whether for standard or unique applications. The owner recognized an opportunity for expanding into the global market and turned to Rapport International for translation services to help them achieve their global expansion goals.

Problem: Communicating on a Global Stage

The internet makes access to information and services from across the globe easier and more practical. While this presents incredible opportunities for small businesses to sell to the world market, success is not guaranteed.

After receiving inquiries from customers outside the U. S., Comptus’ owner realized that in order to communicate their product information in these new markets, they needed to obtain in-language messaging and translation services.

After securing a grant through STEP (a state-funded grant program for small businesses backed by the US Small Business Administration) Comptus sought out the professional translation services of Rapport International.

Solution: Website and Marketing Material Translation

Rapport International specializes in technical translation and multilingual marketing, ensuring consistency from one language to the next. As part of the project for Comptus, Rapport International provided consultative services to determine the target audience and establish a plan of action for the translation of technical materials and descriptions.

Rapport International provided technically accurate translations that maintained consistency of voice and advised Comptus on implementing a customer service plan to help them meet their international goals. Comptus utilized the STEP Grant for the translation services which saved the company time and money and led to an impressive return on their initial investment.

Results: Exceeding Growth Goals

Working with Rapport International on these initial translation projects helped Comptus grow into international markets and increase sales worldwide.  

Translation of marketing materials and websites is not just an operating expense, it is a fuel for sales growth in new markets. Working with an experienced translation service provider that specializes in multilingual marketing for revenue growth can launch sales for any size business in global markets.

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