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Grow your connections. Grow your business. 

You’re not just selecting a language, you're connecting with people. And you need to do it through clear communications.

Our proven process of people-focused translations helps you find the best solution for your multilingual business communications strategies. So you can connect with the people you need to communicate with, locally or globally, no matter the language. Industries we service: 

 All Language Translation Services

Confidently expand your company’s reach when your website, marketing materials, handbooks, product specs, legal documents and more look and feel like they were written by local experts in your target markets’ community.

Marketing - language translation services

Marketing Translations

Marketing can be global or local depending on the product or service that a company is promoting.

Rapport International works with you to determine whether a global or localized marketing campaign would work better and then we translate the necessary materials appropriately for a successful campaign.

website language translation services

Website Translations

Allow your customers to do business how they are most comfortable – in their own language. A translation of your website by Rapport International is done by an experienced human translator who is fully bilingual, who keeps up with new words and slang, and has knowledge of local language usage, buying habits and customs. Your website is translated with your brand and your message intact.

document translation form translator services agency

Documents & Forms Translations

As your translation partner, we help you adapt your materials to meet your multilingual communications strategy, to better connect you with your customers. Translations include:

  • Medical forms and patient instructions
  • Legal and Financial contracts and policies 
  • Marketing materials and presentations
  • Government documents and forms
  • Technical documentation and manuals
Multimedia Translations

Multimedia Translations

We convert your audio and visual materials into any language so you can still harness the power of visual connection. Whether it is for corporate or customer-facing communications, we translate and edit videos, webinars, audio files, podcasts, scripts and special effects to reach your multi-lingual audience.

  • Subtitling 
  • Audio dubbing 
  • Script or on-screen text translation
  • In-language video or audio creation
Foreign language desktop publishing

Foreign Language Desktop Publishing (DTP)

What good is a foreign language translation if your user cannot easily read it? Our desktop publishers have the foreign fonts and programs to take your translated materials and edit your advertisements, brochures, manuals, marketing materials, fliers, handouts, catalogs and annual reports for the targeted market. We work with all desktop publishing software programs, file-types and even in your proprietary technologies.

What Our Clients Say:

"I highly recommend Rapport International! They have helped us to translate a variety of educational materials from English to Spanish, including a website, brochure, posters, and blogs. Their expertise helped to ensure that our translated materials are of equal priority and quality as our English materials, which is very important for our campaign."

Program Director, Kids Count Rhode Island

"We require a significant number of translation services for medical/health care collateral in multiple languages. Many times we require a quick turnaround time which Rapport International has been super, doing it in an efficient and reliable way. They've helped us reduce cost and streamline our processes and translating needs."

Director of Marketing, Harbor Health

"The translation looks great! Thank you and your team for all of the hard work and help." 

Marketing Manager, Boston Symphony Orchestra

"The team at Rapport International are excellent partners. They produce consistent, considered work, promptly and with a great quality standard. I am extremely appreciative for their thoughtful, diligent, and highly professional support."  

Manager, Marketing Communications, Tufts Health Plan

"It has been a pleasure working with Rapport International – thank you again for your quick responses from start to finish, and for giving us exactly what we needed. I anticipate that this project will need other translations, as may some of our others, so I will definitely be reaching out again!" 

Director of Technical Assistance, Anlar

"I connected with Rapport International to request translation services for my agency. They have been incredibly supportive and responsive and have always provided what we are looking for. The requests were accepted, and returned in a timely manner, and with great quality. I have yet to see any issues or hear any negative feedback from our presentations regarding the translations done. Rapport is helping us communicate effectively with our diverse and multilingual community, and I look forward to working with them in the future!"

Boston Planning & Development Agency

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Our proven process of people-focused translations helps you find the best solution for your multilingual communications strategies. Walk through through the steps of your translation project.

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Curious about the costs of translations for marketing materials? Need to know which factors play a role in timing? Learn more about costs and expectations with translations pricing.

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