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    Translations & Interpretations for All Areas of the Life Sciences

    From pharmaceutical, to biotech, to medical devices, Rapport International knows the difference between these specialities and the phases of development. Life Science organizations need to provide complete and precise documentation in multiple languages – for a wide range of materials.


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    Life science translations are complex and technical. You need a partner that has experience in:


    Product Label & Packaging

    legal docs

    Institutional Review Board (IRB) Reviews

    health record

    Clinical Trial Forms and Documents

    magnify data

    Clinical Research Documents

    med form

    Medical Devices


    Manuals and Instructions




    Patient Diaries / Forms / Materials

    open book

    Medical Journals

    open pages

    Training Manuals and Handbooks

    loose leaf

    Brochures and Marketing Materials


    Consent Forms




    Press Releases

    Partnering with a proven life sciences translation provider is vital to success. Rapport International has worked in the life sciences industry for many years and provides the highest quality translations, guaranteed every time.

    Want to dive into specific multilingual life science services?

    Rapport International makes sure that the translators and interpreters you work with understand specific local or global needs so that your materials and communications are accurate. At the same time, we serve as advisors on cultural questions to make sure you are communicating in a culturally-sensitive manner.


    Medical Devices Speciality

    Irrevocable consequences can occur if important documents are not translated with absolute accuracy. No matter what materials you need, whether it’s patient information leaflets (IFUs/DFUs), regulatory submissions, or packaging labels, your materials must reach various linguistic markets. At Rapport International, translations are done by professionals, not software, for the highest level of accuracy for your global markets.


    Marketing Products

    Life sciences companies need packaging translation to be concise and yet complete in communicating the information according to each country's rules.  Many times packages or labels are small and the information needed is large. Rapport International linguists work hard at translating the copy accurately and succinctly so that the package can fit into the allotted space and easily be read. Whether Rapport International just does the translation or also the in-language layout (DTP), the linguist works to meet the communication and spacing requirements. Learn more about marketing translation services.


    Clinical Trial Translation

    Clinical trial documentation runs the full gamut from legal patent documentation and contracts through patient authorization forms and educational pamphlets.  No matter the material, the translation needs to be clear, accurate, precise and easy to read. Rapport International linguists have a deep understanding of patients’ cultural norms and your industry to make sure the translations are right. If they run into a word or phrase that does not have an actual translation in the target language, they will alert the project manager who then discusses the issue with you to come up with a viable solution. Clinical trial translators pay careful attention to making sure the message and the materials are translated to your specifications and wishes. Learn more about translation services.


    Following International Business & Regulatory Standards

    Ensuring that you meet all regulatory and compliance standards are critical for safety and success. Your regulatory documents use precise, exact language to convey information in a very detailed manner and specific format depending on the regulatory body you are working with. With Rapport International you won’t have to worry about meeting guidelines. Our linguists understand that meaning, format, and language has to be absolutely correct. They have proven experience with international business and regulatory standards such as: FDA regulatory programs, European Union Directives, Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (PAL) and ISO quality and risk management standards.

    What Our Clients Say

    "I really appreciate how Rapport International guides us in the most effective way to handle our translation and editing projects. We have to be accurate and on-time since we work with Information and Consent Forms for pharmaceutical clinical research trials. We know that we can depend on Rapport International to deliver what we need in the best way possible. "

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