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UHT-logo case study

Overview: About Unibloc Hygienic Technologies (UHT)

UHT is an industry leader in precision engineered positive displacement pumps, Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pumps and drum pumps, as well as valves, strainers, bubble traps, oil coolers, and sight glasses. The company is known for industry leadership under its various brands: Unibloc paumps, Flotronic One-Nut AODD pumps, Hygenitec flow control products, and Standard Pump industrial products. All products focus on driving process improvements through safe, efficient, easy-to-maintain products that help customers fight downtime, achieve a lower cost of operation, and meet deadlines with confidence.

Problem: Strategic Expansion into an Increasingly Globalized Market

Starting in 2018, UHT experienced unprecedented change and growth through the acquisition of three companies from the US, UK, and Germany. Almost instantly, the company needed to adjust to its international presence – marketing required culturally adapted translations for existing markets, sales had the opportunity to expand into the broader European market, and operations needed procedural and safety information properly translated for the expanded workforce.

During that time, maintaining market presence and retaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction alongside its business success remained at the forefront of every decision.

Solution: Culturally Adapted Translation of Website Content and White Pages

UHT’s marketing group identified French, German, and Spanish as initial target languages. Rapport International worked with UHT’s marketing group to create a translation management plan for its website, prioritizing and organizing content in the process.

Key website content was identified and translated, including several white papers which emerged as an especially important point of focus. Rapport International assigned three translators with industry experience to the project to deliver culturally appropriate translations in French, German and Spanish. The entire scope of the project required several iterations and ultimately included individual landing pages for the gated white papers and FAQs, providing the most relevant information for visitors in their preferred language.

Results: A Repeatable Translation Management Strategy for Global Expansion

UHT’s strategic translation management plan stabilized the company’s market presence in new international territories, buying the company significant time to realign its corporate structure following the recent acquisitions. Rapport International’s unique linguistic matchmaking service – translators are selected based on industry and subject matter expertise as well as deep understanding of both languages, ability to meet deadlines, and willingness to work through feedback – means UHT is now equipped with consistent German and Spanish translation going forward.

These same translators are assigned to additional projects, ensuring consistency of language and aggregated knowledge of the company’s business needs and style preferences, at costs reduced by the translator’s deliberate use of repeated copy. And throughout, UHT and Rapport International together determined the most efficient and effective execution of its translation management plan, creating a repeatable process for entrée into new countries going forward.

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