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Translation and Interpretation Services for the Legal Industry

Your “faithful echo” – In the legal world, miscommunication can prove costly. We understand the gravity of incorrect or inferior translation and interpretating services and mitigate your legal risks with our unwavering commitment to precision and accuracy.

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Reliable communication

Improved outcomes

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High-quality language services to optimize client and company outcomes.

When it comes to legal matters, even a single misinterpreted word can compromise outcomes. We understand the significance of legal language – for patents and contracts, depositions and court proceedings, and international business dealings – and the extraordinary levels of trust required for effective interpreting and translating services. Trust us to serve as your “faithful echo,” ensuring that every written and spoken word is accurately conveyed, with cultural sensitivity.

We partner with law firms, courts, investigators, and government agencies, both US-based and around the world, in any venue and across diverse legal domains. We understand that inaccuracy in legal language can be a breeding ground for disputes and complications. Our track record of precision ensures that your legal communications are flawless and without any room for misinterpretation. We keep the lines of communication open for each project, throughout the lifetime of the client/agency relationship, so translators and interpreters can confidently clarify for meaning at the source, and interpreter/translator/client relationships can be continually nurtured and monitored.

Our experienced project management team reviews all project requests and “matchmakes” to find an industry-specific translator or interpreter who works best for your needs. Here at Rapport International, we also guarantee the quality of our translations, 100%. Our legal services expertise includes:


Contracts & Agreements


Patent Applications


Intellectual Property Records


Litigation Documents


Depositions, Interviews, and Witness Statements


Law Firm Websites


Human Resource Materials


Firm Marketing Materials


Policies and Procedures

TRUST is essential to positive client outcomes and having high-quality translation and interpreting services always at the ready proves your trustworthiness as well, minimizing client risks while optimizing outcomes and elevating your firm’s reputation.

Award Winning Translation and Interpreting Services

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Tailored solutions for the legal sector.

The legal field is complicated. You need translators and interpreters well-versed in terminology and technicalities, professionals with an understanding of all that’s at stake: client outcomes, your firm’s reputation, justice. Our interpreters and translators are impartial, faithful echoes, safeguarding client understanding, accurate, culturally appropriate documentation, and open lines of communication.

Translation Services to Meet Your Needs

You need to translate technical, legal information in contracts and agreements, depositions and witness statements, discovery documents, patent information and applications, and policies and procedures. We work with you to determine what should be translated, prioritizing content and managing timelines to maximize consistency and reusable content, building time and cost efficiencies into future projects.

Interpreters Convey Messages Accurately and Professionally

Experienced interpreters are available in person, over the phone, or virtually, to help you, your clients, and associates communicate. Our interpreters are trained to provide a “faithful echo,” conveying your message with precision; they also follow documented processes when questions arise or when language or communication styles require adjustments for cultural sensitivity and adaptation, to instill confidence in all participants.

Linguistic Matchmaking for the Right Voice and Consistency

As important as it is to address your target audience, it’s just as important to make sure you’re matched with the right translator, a linguist skilled in replicating your company’s style and “voice” while adhering to internal processes and guidelines. Rapport International translators have in-depth understanding of the legal industry and are assigned to the same clients over time, building relationships which quickly produce time and cost efficiencies.

Use Correct Terminology to Avoid Liability & Boost Understanding

Our interpreters and translators understand the high standards to which attorneys are held, and the demanding technicalities of the legal sector. When questions arise, our translators and interpreters follow documented processes for clarifying ambiguous language and culturally nuanced idioms and similar turns-of-phrase to be absolutely certain communication is 100% accurate, instilling trust in all participants.

Never Afraid to Ask Questions

You need to be confident that your translation will be accurate and correct. Here at Rapport International, we never make assumptions. We capture the meaning of every document by training our linguists to clarify questions up front, to avoid mistakes. Sometimes a translation is so technical there isn’t a clear conversion for the item or process into the target language. When this happens, there are several choices, and we always discuss them with you before moving forward.

Meet Deadlines with On-Time Delivery

With a track record of 100% on-time delivery, we take the worry out of deadlines, working with you to create and manage clear and detailed project schedules. We fully comprehend the time-sensitive demands of various legal proceedings – court filings and contracts, for example – so you can be confident that your project will be done right and on time, every time.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

Interpreting Services:

Everything You Need to Know

Dive into the world of interpreting services with our comprehensive guide. Find detailed descriptions of the various types of interpretation – consecutive, simultaneous, video remote, and telephone – and the best practices for working with each type of interpreter.

Download the guide today to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role interpreters play in breaking down language barriers to foster connections with your patients, clients, and customers.

How Much Does Translation Cost?

Translation costs are dependent upon several factors, including the type of service needed, the language pair, the turnaround time, and the level of expertise required. You also need to look at the VALUE of the service being provided – look for an LSP that offers linguistic matchmaking, guarantees quality, provides cost-saving suggestions, and insists on transparency.

Become an educated consumer by downloading the guide today, to learn more about comparing translation quotes, determining the value of “extra” services, and measuring the return on your investment.

What Our Legal Clients Say About Us

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Wolfe Snowden

Rapport International came through for us when we had exhausted all other leads for a translator.

They were prompt and professional and I look forward to using and recommending them in the future.

- Paralegal, Wolfe Snowden

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I definitely recommend Rapport International!

Their translations are high quality and on-time. They are professional, accessible and dependable – every time we call. 

- Firm Manager, Cooley Godward Kronish

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