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Engaging Presentations on Language, Culture, and Business

Expert insights to drive success – With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Wendy MacKenzie Pease delivers dynamic sessions that captivate and inspire. Book Wendy for your next conference, webinar, podcast, or training session to provide your participants with the tools they need to navigate within today’s increasingly diverse and globalized business landscape.

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Global business & marketing expertise

Tailored workplace training programs

Translation & interpretation best practices

Entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges

Elevate your events with expert insights in language, culture, and business dynamics.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, author, and podcast host, Wendy MacKenzie Pease has the experience and expertise to deliver compelling talks on translation, interpretation, language nuances, cultural etiquette, international business strategies, and inclusivity within diverse workplaces. She infuses energy into each presentation, guiding listeners through the maze of multilingual communications and international business, fostering interactive discussions, sharing real-world anecdotes, and providing actionable takeaways that resonate long after the event.

Combining her multi-cultural upbringing and international travel experiences, education in Foreign Service & International Politics, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and senior roles in venture funded- and life sciences companies, Wendy weaves an interesting mix of real-life data and stories into every presentation and can incorporate humorous translation stories and unique perspectives on global cultures and languages no matter the topic.

Creating custom programs that align with your specific requirements, and delivering a presentation tailored to meet your goals, Wendy has the knowledge to engage, inspire, and educate your audience. Learn more about Wendy by downloading her speaker sheet and reach out to us to book her as a speaker for your next event.

Experience and expertise presenting for audiences of all sizes.

Wendy has had the opportunity to speak at events across the country. She has presented, moderated, or been a featured guest on conferences, webinars, one-on-one interviews and discussions, podcasts, and more, including:




The Multi-Cultural Symposium


Mansfield Bio-Incubator


Women’s Congress


State Export Centers (MA, NH, CO, RI)


Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE)


Massachusetts Bar Association


Podfest Expo


Keystone Workshop

Contact Wendy today to discuss how she can contribute to your next presentation, conference, podcast, or training event.

Sample speaker topics for your event or meeting.

View a sampling of topics about cross-cultural communication, entrepreneurship, leveraging diversity for innovative workforce solutions, and devising global marketing strategies; Wendy personalizes each program to align with your specific objectives.

If a program topic is not specifically listed, contact us to discuss your ideas and we can create a custom presentation for your event.

Language Subjects

  • Global Marketing
  • How to “Speak” Through an Interpreter
  • Multilingual Communications & Marketing
  • Cultural Considerations in Translations
  • Languages of the World
  • Expectations for Translators and Interpreters
  • Language Considerations in various industries, including marketing, consumer product, legal, medical, and manufacturing
  • Developing a Translation Management Plan
  • Website Translation
  • Writing for Translation
  • Translation Humor
  • Global English
  • AI and Technology in the Language Industry
  • Multilingual Marketing in the US to Non-English Speakers

General Business Subjects

  • Buying a Business
  • Starting a Business
  • Following Your Dream of Owning a Business
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Women Business Owners & Resources
  • Network Your Way to Success
  • Hiring and Managing Non-English Speakers
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • CEO Functional Group Management
  • My Journey Through “Traction”
  • Clubhouse and Business Growth
  • Hosting a Podcast

Multicultural Workforce Subjects

  • Recruiting and Training Non-English Speakers
  • Managing and Retaining Multicultural Staff
  • The Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Managing a Global Workforce
  • Global Internal Communications
  • Creating a Sense of Belonging with Inclusive Policies
  • How to “Speak” Through an Interpreter
  • Custom training programs available on a variety of subjects

Global Business Subjects

  • Transforming from a Domestic to Global Company
  • Global Communications
  • International Marketing
  • Targeting and Selling to Multilingual Audiences
  • Managing Multilingual Work Forces
  • Launching and Growing International Sales
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation
  • Cultural Competence
  • The New Golden Rule

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Some Helpful Tools Created by Wendy:

The Language of Global Marketing:

Translate your Domestic Strategies into International Sales and Profits

Since 2004, author Wendy MacKenzie Pease has had many conversations about the benefits of exporting and considerations of doing global business such as language and culture differences, and the role of translation and interpretation. She knows how important it is to be able to communicate across languages and adapt messaging to fit the target culture, so she decided to write a book to help SMEs navigate these challenges.

Filled with easy-to-understand strategies and solutions to real-life situations, this is your guide to successful international expansion through global inbound marketing and translation services.

Global Marketing:

Turning Your Domestic Sales into International Profits

Global companies enjoy 20% higher revenues, faster growth, job creation, elevated salaries, and increased stability! If you've ever considered expanding your business internationally but questioned your readiness, this mini course is your answer.

The 8-part series is delivered at your pace. Each email includes a <5-minute video and a practical workbook to guide you in applying the concepts to your business, resulting in a complete global marketing roadmap.

Ready to elevate your revenue, profits, valuation, and salaries? Sign up today to supercharge your business on the global stage!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Testimonial - office group
Kerry Foods

I had the pleasure of hearing Wendy speak at a meeting a couple weeks ago.

She gives a GREAT presentation with lots of interesting (and fun!) tips on doing business abroad. Her passion really shined through and continued into the networking session.

I would definitely recommend Wendy for speaking and training. 

- Account Manager, Kerry Foods

Iron Horse Architects

Wendy's foundational knowledge of cultures and the associated language makes her the penultimate HUMAN translator.

Combined with her in-depth knowledge, her company Rapport International provides accurate, culturally correct and precise translations for business needs.

- CEO, Iron Horse Architects

Villa Mont Educational Consulting

I just finished Wendy's book and ❤️ it!

I am excited to say that I finished the audio version of the book and truly gained a great amount of knowledge. As a bi/multilingual educator and advocate, I gained information that I can use to better communicate in my business.

Bonus, Wendy's explanations of how to ask for help and in what capacity will lessen the stress of how to move forward.

- President, Villa Mont Educational Consulting

harbor health services

Rapport International has been the sole provider of translating services to our agency. They have been super in meeting our needs and doing it in an efficient and reliable way. 

Wendy herself has been incredible in sharing tips and providing us with feedback to help us reduce cost and streamline our processes and translating needs.

Highly recommended! 

- Director of Marketing, Harbor Health Services


I met Wendy soon after she acquired Rapport International and have watched her grow her business from an independent service provider to a company that is poised for exponential growth.

Her background in international marketing positioned her well to run this company and its evolution has been due to her drive, passion and expertise.

I know I have a great resource for foreign language translation to recommend to my clients if that need arises. 

- Consultant