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8 Tips for Making Sure Your SEO Works Globally

Making Sure Your SEO Works Globally

There are ways to target your translated website to the appropriate countries.  Understanding relevant search terms in each language and optimizing them for your product, service and content. Using a specific URL for each country, for example, http://www.brazilgovnews.gov.br/ for your audience in Brazil.  Another way is to use hreflang tags for language and/or country within in the HTML code of your website. One advantage of using hreflang tags or a country specific URL, is they give you more options for testing and measuring the success in each market. 

Global SEOHere are 8 key points for optimizing your website for global SEO:

  1. Develop a web page standard – use the right hreflang tags to match language, and/or country
  2. Use the ISO standards for country codes to get them right – see a great list of both language codes as well as country codes here https://martinkura.com/list-hreflang-country-language-codes-attributes/
  3. Know who owns the responsibility of creating and updating your website’s hreflang tags – webmaster, marketing, technology, localization departments
  4. Make an hreflang plan to know whether you will have a global Spanish for all countries, or separate tag for each country to account for currencies, local references, etc.
  5. Create and make available an XML site map that is unique for each market/language
  6. Test your keywords and search phrases in the targeted markets – make sure they are culturally relevant and appropriate
  7. Maintain a keyword/search phrase glossary for each market/language and be consistent with these terms
  8. Measure the performance of your foreign language pages, by hreflang tag or URL, to see the difference in performance by country and language
  9. Leverage knowledge gained by reviewing measurements and adjust in other countries to increase success in every market

Rapport International specializes in multilingual marketing and website and SEO translation. We work with companies to make sure this is set up right so that your company achieves success in its target market. Come back next week to learn some common mistakes to avoid when implementing your global SEO strategy - 12 Common Mistakes with Global SEO.

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