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Professional Scientific and Technical Translation Services

Practiced precision – When it comes to technical and scientific documentation, precision and accuracy are essential. We understand your needs and translate your materials in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements, and specific to your audience’s needs.

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Correct and consistent terminology

Guaranteed quality

On-time delivery

Translate your technical documentation and materials with confidence.

As a business operating in the scientific and/or technical sector, succeeding in today’s competitive market means global expansion isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Clear and accurate communication of your highly technical documentation is critical, and you need to put forth translations that are 100% guaranteed to be accurate and reliable. You need more than a language services provider that speaks your languages, you need a partner that understands the intricacies and terminology of your field.

Working with a professional technical translation company with experience in science, technology, engineering, medicine, biotechnology, IT, and other highly technical domains improves the quality of your translations and limits liability. Look no further to find a translation company you can trust.

Here at Rapport International our professional translators are qualified to handle specialized scientific and technical materials with efficiency and clarity. They have experience with specialized disciplines, jargon, and terminology in these fields and are equipped to preserve the intricacies of every piece of content.

We work with you to decide whether to globalize your information for use in multiple markets that speak a common language or localize your materials, adapting them for a specific market, country, or region. We’ll create glossaries and maintain translation memory databases for your common terminology, elements essential to consistency and cost-efficiency on future projects. And we deliver your materials on time, every time – all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Solutions for diverse technical fields.

Expand your reach, forge invaluable partnerships, and unlock new opportunities with high-quality translations for all your information, for example:

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Medical and Pharmaceutical Documentation

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Engineering and Technical Manuals

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Software Documentation and Localization

sci and tech translation

Scientific Research Papers

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Patent Applications

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User or Safety Guides

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Instruction Manuals for Industry Machinery and Equipment

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Specialized Research Findings and Reports

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Manufacturing Specifications and Documentation

To thrive on a global scale, your information must be accurate and accessible. We are a professional translation company with a proven track record of providing high-quality technical and scientific translations. Contact us today.


Are free online translation tools good enough for my scientific or technical documentation?

In a word, no. Online translation tools such as Google Translate and generative AI tools like ChatGPT might seem like a good option because they’re quick and free, but using these tools comes with risks. This is especially true for highly technical documentation with niche terminology or unique jargon. Don’t take the risk – it’s better to partner with a translation company that will assign a skilled translator with experience in your industry. Learn more about AI translation and Google Translate.

How much does it cost to translate a document?

Pricing for translation services involves several key factors, including word count, target language, subject matter, lead times and deadlines, and similar details. It’s more of an investment than a cost because the effort reaps benefits over time. And you’ll know you’ve found a trustworthy language services provider when all processes – quotes and project management timelines, for example – are completely transparent. Learn more about the cost of translation here.

What is your process for assigning a translator to my project?

We take the time to understand your needs then assign a translator who has experience in your industry, the goal being to establish a partnership that will last over time. Future projects are easier and much more cost-effective when you’ve found your “match,” the right team of dedicated translators that understand your business and voice and provide consistent translations over time. Learn more about our unique linguistic matchmaking process.

What is a certified translation? And do I need one?

A certified translation has been notarized by a member of the agency responsible for the translation, attesting to its completion and accuracy. Generally, certified translations are only required for information for the government, like translated visas or birth certificates, or for regulatory scientific/technical documents such as pharmaceutical research results or clinical trial notes. Learn more about certified translations here.

What is CE Marking and who needs it?

CE Marking or CE Mark (Conformité Européenne; French for “European Conformity”) is a regulatory certification required for certain goods sold in Europe; it certifies that a product meets EU standards for safety, health, and environmental protection. The certification process requires translation of requisite materials into several languages. More than 20 product groups, many of which are technical and scientific goods, need the CE Mark to sell into EU countries. Learn more about CE Marking and whether your product falls under its parameters.

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How Much Does Translation Cost?

Translation costs are dependent upon several factors, including the type of service needed, the language pair, the turnaround time, and the level of expertise required. You also need to look at the VALUE of the service being provided – look for an LSP that offers linguistic matchmaking, guarantees quality, provides cost-saving suggestions, and insists on transparency. And always ask for references to confirm the agency’s integrity.

Become an educated consumer by downloading the guide today, to learn more about comparing translation quotes, determining the value of “extra” services, and measuring the return on your investment.

Our Scientific and Technical Translation Clients

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API Technologies
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What Our Clients Say About Us

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I really appreciate how Rapport International guides us in the most effective way to handle our translation and editing projects. We have to be accurate and on-time since we work with Information and Consent Forms for pharmaceutical clinical research trials. We know that we can depend on Rapport International to deliver what we need in the best way possible. 

- Asentral Institutional Review Board


Rapport turns around quality work in record time. They are a key resource for our global company.

- Director of Marketing, Berlin Packaging

warwick mills

Thanks again for the timely work on the Korean translations for the PowerPoint presentations. I was impressed with the rapid turnaround, and you were definitely very quick to respond to my queries. I enjoy working with you.

- Director of Manufacturing, Warwick Mills

API Technologies

Came to Rapport from a online translation company who declined to help us get a clean translation on some documents. 5 stars across the board. Rapid response time, and the translations were great!

Thank you so much for helping our international company hit new strides. 

- API Technologies

UHT-logo testimonial 100tall 2023

Very responsive, very accurate and well done translation!

Thank you! 

- CEO, Unibloc-Pump

Proven process

Our Proven Process

Our proven process matches you with translators experienced in your industry. We nurture these relationships over time to retain voice and style preferences, while creating cost efficiencies.
Costs & turnaround

Costs & Turnaround

Working with Rapport International gives you the benefit of clear, transparent pricing and an established project management process with a 100% on-time delivery record.

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