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Professional Audio and Video Translation Services

Attract a global audience – Elevate your approach and resonate with audiences worldwide by translating your multimedia assets. Our language experts will translate your audio and video content with precision and accuracy so your message can be heard around the world.

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Expand your reach

Improve communications

Gain a competitive edge

Stand out from your competition by translating your video and audio content.

In today’s digital landscape, content is king – the power and impact of a meaningful online audio and video presence cannot be overstated. Statistics show video overtaking written content as the preferred method for engagement and learning, and with over 464 million listeners worldwide, podcasts have exploded in popularity. If you’re not offering information in either format, you’re going to fall behind – doubly so if you offer your content in only one language!

Whether it’s via podcast, webinar, promotional video, or e-learning coursework, your message deserves to be understood by a global audience. This is where our expert audio and video translation services can help.

Our professionals ensure that your translation project is done efficiently and accurately, while maintaining the original context, emotion, and message. We understand the importance of maintaining your intended tone and voice to ensure that your message is compelling and resonates authentically with your target audiences, opening doors into new markets and strengthening brand loyalty.

For all your corporate and customer-facing communications, we offer the services you need to reach a multilingual audience, including:

  • Subtitling
  • Audio dubbing
  • Script- or on-screen text translation
  • In-language video or audio creation

As your language services partner, we are invested in your success, working to propel and extend your influence among audiences worldwide, helping you gain an edge over the competition. Contact us today for more information.

Translate all your internal- and external-facing audio and video communications.

To truly thrive in this global world, you need to reach a wider audience, one accustomed to online and social media. Keep up (or catch up!) by creating a focused virtual presence; it will at once demonstrate your commitment to your customers and acknowledge the ever-changing international business landscape. From employee-focused corporate videos to promotional videos, advertising, or a new podcast, translation will establish your company as a forward-thinking industry leader.

We offer a wide range of services, including:


Explainer Videos


Internal Video Communications


How-To Videos


Podcast Episodes


Video Podcast Episodes




Social Media Video and Audio


Video Scripts and Transcripts


Video Subtitles and On-Screen Text

… and much more. Whatever your multimedia communications need, we help you craft the targeted, culturally relevant campaign to future-proof your business. Contact us for more information.


How do I translate my website videos?

To educate website visitors you need high-quality translations for your video content. For best results, use a professional translation company to avoid the mistakes and mistranslations that can result from working with an untrained bilingual person or using AI or automated translation. Rapport International will work with you to target the most effective steps to a professional online multimedia presence. Learn more about increasing lead generation with translated content.

What options are there for translating my audio and video files?

When you work with a professional translation company you have a range of options for translating your videos. The first step is to translate the script. Then you can choose to dub the audio in the new language or subtitle the original video – or both. If the video needs to be significantly changed to appeal to a different culture, you may want to have your translation agency provide a new script in-language that can then be subtitled or dubbed over the original video, or create a new video for the target audience. Contact our experts to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Should I subtitle or dub my video when I translate?

That’s really for you to decide. Subtitling is very popular today because many people watch videos where it’s impolite or inconvenient to turn up the volume – loud places such as a commuter bus or subway, or quiet places like a library or at work. Some videos may benefit from voiceover or dubbing – longer videos where the viewer could become fatigued, wants to hear the audio while multitasking, or needs to concentrate on the words and the visuals at the same time. Consider your viewers’ habits to decide or do both to cover all the possibilities. Learn more about considerations when translating videos.

How do I get training videos for my employees translated?

Once you create training videos in one language, translating them ensures that anyone who speaks another language will understand the information. You send us your videos and we adapt them by adding subtitles or overdubbing in other languages, thus expanding access to your employees worldwide. We work with you to create a streamlined, cost-effective, and repeatable strategy that maximizes your ROI. Consult with a Rapport International advisor for the most effective way to do this.

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Accurate and culturally sensitive translations are essential to convey your brand's message effectively, maintain professionalism, and build trust with international customers. Investing in high-quality translation services transforms your business by effortlessly bridging language barriers, fostering meaningful connections and driving success in diverse markets.

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How Much Does Translation Cost?

Translation costs are dependent upon several factors, including the type of service needed, the language pair, the turnaround time, and the level of expertise required. You also need to look at the VALUE of the service being provided – look for an LSP that offers linguistic matchmaking, guarantees quality, provides cost-saving suggestions, and insists on transparency. 

Become an educated consumer by downloading the guide today, to learn more about comparing translation quotes, determining the value of “extra” services, and measuring the return on your investment.

Our Audio and Video Translation Clients

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What Our Clients Say About Us

last minute productions 100tall testimonial 2023

What you notice right away about Rapport International is their service. They are quick to respond and have excellent follow through.

The other aspect that is critical in this field is the accuracy of their translations. This is not Google Translate, this is a true understanding of the meaning and intent translated for your audience.

- Partner, Last Minute Productions

marquis design

The team at Rapport International has been a long-time partner of our firm and I can't say enough. They are pros who are incredibly knowledgeable about their craft, are a strategic partner always thinking about how they can serve our clients in more impactful ways than they request, highly communicative, straightforward and prompt, and a pleasure to work with.

- Principal & Creative Director, Marquis Design


Rapport International is remarkably fast and always there for all our demands and needs. We demand a lot and it’s never a problem. Rapport International is the best!

- Marketing Content Manager, AutoStore


Rapport helps me to do my job better. The staff is professional, dependable, pro-active and trustworthy. I truly appreciate the fast turnaround times. We have been working with Rapport International for over 15 years and they are one of our best vendors!

- TOMY (Learning Curve Brand)

more advertising testimonial 100tall 2023

Our experience working with Rapport International has been really great. If for some reason when we're reviewing translations, the client has a differing opinion about how something should be said, they're very receptive to making that change and note it for future translations, so that it doesn't happen again.

I would highly recommend them for anybody who has any translation needs. They're great. We love them. 

- Senior Account Executive, MORE Advertising

Proven process

Our Proven Process

Our proven process matches you with translators experienced in your industry. We nurture these relationships over time to retain voice and style preferences, while creating cost efficiencies.
Costs & turnaround

Costs & Turnaround

Working with Rapport International gives you the benefit of clear, transparent pricing and an established project management process with a 100% on-time delivery record.

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