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"I need a reliable translation and interpretation partner."

Whether you are a global brand or local business looking to connect with more of the people around you, we guarantee our partnership will provide culturally relevant, reliable, and accurate translations and interpretations to help you reach your business goals.

Learn more about how we've helped companies grow by reading our case studies and listening to clients talk about the experience working with Rapport International.

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Expand your company’s reach with written translations for marketing materials, websites, forms, documents and more.

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Give people better experiences with your organization's spoken communications by hiring reliable, quality interpreters.


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Validate your message with translation and cultural adaptation of your content and communications for global markets.


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Get advice and guidance beyond translation and interpretation for taking on complex cultural and global initiatives.


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Speak with an expert to determine your needs and next steps.



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Our Local & Global Clients

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Red sox
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Juice plus
Natures Variety
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Our Differentiators

Our native-speaking translators and interpreters are fluent in more than 200 languages and have professional experience in your industry. We serve companies worldwide from our Boston MA and Lincoln NE offices providing translation services and interpretation services in all languages for optimal multilingual business communication.

Correct Terminology to Avoid Liability

When you're in an industry such as the medical or legal fields, you need to get it right the first time. We specialize in precise translations for forms and documents because we know it matters, and reduces your risk.

The Right Voice for the Right Audience

You need an accurate message to communicate with your target audience. Our creative multilingual marketing services allow you to reach foreign language markets with a culturally appropriate and adapted message, website, advertising, and marketing materials.

High-Quality Interpretations

Work with an experienced interpreter who speaks both languages, understands professional standards, communicates effectively, responds to your needs, and makes you feel at ease knowing your message is communicated clearly.

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We've got your back

The quality of your project is our top priority. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, neither are we. We promise to work until you are a raving fan -- that is our guarantee.



Interpretation and Translation Agency - Boston MA - Lincoln NE with Guaranteed Services

Don't let your business get lost in translation

A few words can make a huge difference in local meaning. You need skilled interpretation and translation specialists with years of experience.

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Hear it From Our Clients



"Rapport International's interpreter is always a blessing when he is here. He is so patient centered and such a hard worker. I really appreciate your team's help for in-person interpretation, as well as translating our patient document - it will really make a big difference for the families we serve."

Program Manager / Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals



"By providing our advertising and print materials in a number of languages, we have seen our products explode internationally. Rapport knows how to make a product applicable and appealing in all languages and cultures."

- VP of Marketing, TOMY Corporation

Bryan Health testimonial


"The Rapport International team are rockstars!! I cannot say how much I appreciate their communication and pro-activeness with interpreter log-in sheets. They make my work a lot easier and I cannot thank them enough!"

- Scheduler, Bryan Health

Wolfe Snowden


“Rapport International came through for us when we had exhausted all other leads for a translator. They were prompt and professional and I look forward to using and recommending them in the future.”

Paralegal / Wolfe Snowden



"Let me say that we couldn’t be more happy with the work of your interpreter, she has been a complete professional and has embraced the task since she first arrived here."

- Department Head, US Federal Government



"I have used Rapport International's services in Europe, Japan, Korea, China and on various telephone calls. Their interpreters are always professional. Rapport International can make it happen on short notice. It's been a travel main-stay of mine for the last ten years. Can't go overseas without knowing they are there."

- Global VP, Juice Plus

harbor health services testimonial


"We require a significant number of translation services for medical/health care collateral in multiple languages. Many times we require a quick turnaround time which Rapport International has been super, doing it in an efficient and reliable way. They've helped us reduce cost and streamline our processes and translating needs."

- Director of Marketing, Harbor Health

Vocational Rehab


"Your Burmese interpreter has done several appointments for us and he always does a great job. He is always on time and very professional. He is very good and helpful and the team here loves him."

- Job Coach, Vocational Rehab of Nebraska

Boston planning and development agency

"I connected with Rapport International to request translation services. They have been incredibly supportive and responsive and have always provided what we are looking for. The requests were accepted, and returned in a timely manner, and with great quality. I have yet to see any issues or hear any negative feedback from our presentations regarding the translations done. Rapport helps us communicate effectively with our diverse and multilingual community, and I look forward to working with them in the future!"

- Boston Planning and Development Agency

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