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Multilingual and Global Workforce Services

Tap into more talent – A linguistically and culturally diverse team brings with it varied experiences that lead to new ideas and novel problem-solving. Whether you employ or are seeking talent locally or around the world, we help you devise and implement strategies that work for hiring, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce, through clear communication across language and cultural divides.

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Attract and retain a talented, diverse workforce

Foster a sense of belonging

Support employee growth and development

Hire, retain, and develop a thriving multicultural team.

A multicultural workforce is an invaluable asset. Communicating effectively with your employees who speak a different language is a basic part of ensuring your team comprehends their true value and the depth of your commitment to vocational and personal development. In the process, prove you’re a “best place to work” and find, retain, and benefit from top talent.

We work as your partner to devise and implement a practical plan – reinforced by our comprehensive suite of services – guaranteed to open the lines of communication across all relevant languages and cultures. It’s easy to envision the outcome of taking practical steps toward a cohesive workplace:


Create a strategy for success

Having a plan for how your company will embrace and celebrate the culture and language of its employees is the first step. We help you create strategies and processes for hiring, retaining, developing, and delighting your employees to build loyalty and create a sense of ownership across every level of your workforce.

hire talent

Hire the best talent

When you diversify your hiring efforts to be inclusive of people who speak other languages, you multiply your talent pool. We translate job postings and other recruitment materials into multiple languages and provide interpretation services for interviews – in-person, phone, video – so you can communicate with candidates who don’t speak English fluently.


Create a desirable and safe work environment

Once you’ve hired the best talent, it’s important to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, and safe. We translate employee handbooks, company policies, safety guides and instructions, and other important documents into multiple languages so that all your employees have access to the information they need.


Develop your workforce

Investing in professional development for all your employees is an investment in your company’s future. We translate training materials and presentations and provide interpreting services, in person or virtually, for training sessions and other professional development opportunities.


Create a career path

Demonstrating a clear “employee journey” and employing multilingual staff at all levels of the business reinforces your commitment to a culturally rich environment and gives employees a clear understanding of their career potential.


Maintain confidentiality

Confidentiality is of utmost importance for employment matters. You can’t use another employee or staff member; you need someone who is impartial and removed from the situation. Our interpreters and translators are trained to maintain discretion throughout every interaction, facilitating your conversations and translating confidential employment information and records.

With a comprehensive suite of services, Rapport International helps businesses hire, train, develop, and retain a culturally diverse local or international workforce.

Written translation and spoken interpreting services to facilitate communications.

Translation and interpreting are the basis of a well-rounded strategy for embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The effort proves your respect for cultural context, localized hiring, in-language career development strategies, and a collaborative environment that embraces diverse ideas.

When you need to translate job postings, handbooks, or written announcements, or have an interview or conversation with someone whose primary language is different than yours, our translation and interpretation services are here to help.

Partner with Rapport International to facilitate communication with your multilingual team while demonstrating your dedication to their personal and professional development.

Training programs tailored to your company’s needs.

Studies show that people learn more quickly and effectively when information is presented in their native language. Investing in translation and interpreting for training programs and materials leads to employee satisfaction, avoidance of liability, optimized efficiency, and fewer logistical and interpersonal issues.

From clear delivery of company information to customized, staff-wide training programs, we have what you need, in over 200 languages:

  • Training programs in the format – live, virtual, prerecorded – that best fits your company culture.
  • Standardized or customized programs on a variety of topics.
  • Interpreting services for one-on-one training.
  • Interpreters for large-group training sessions.
  • Live, telephone, and virtual interpreting options.
  • Translation services to provide training materials and presentations in the languages you need.

Follow the links for more information or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Enhance your team’s effectiveness with language proficiency testing.

Bilingual and multilingual employees are evidence of a dynamic and agile workplace that stimulates creativity and innovative problem-solving.

Language proficiency testing verifies competency and creates a unique opportunity to identify and motivate those employees with the most potential for career advancement. Knowing the language skills of your applicants and employees enables you to:

  • Identify top candidates with strong communication skills.
  • Drive sales and brand loyalty by providing customer service in your customers’ native language.
  • Forge new partnerships and strengthen relationships with vendors in new markets by communicating in the local language.

Leveraging language proficiency testing leads to a motivated, skilled team poised to elevate your business.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

The Language of Global Business:

Managing a Multilingual Workforce

As your business grows your need for qualified employees in the places where your customers live grows with it. Managing a global, multilingual workforce presents language and cultural challenges. Clear communication depends on an early strategy and tested process for meeting these challenges.

Download our guide to get actionable steps to help you attract, support, and retain a thriving and fulfilled global team.

Boston Centerless:

A Case Study on the Benefits of “Belonging”

Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion creates a sense of belonging felt by your entire workforce. And the practice delivers much more than a group of loyal employees, it inspires a unified team invested in collaborative business success.

None of our clients demonstrate this better than Boston Centerless. By hiring from and celebrating a diverse pool of local talent, they are now building a thriving, dedicated workforce that consistently recruits more talent, simply by word-of-mouth.

Our Clients

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boston centerless
Burton Snowboards
SEEM collaborative
Region V
Minuteman Senior Services
Taylor HR Group
Hypha HubSpot Development
Grove Products
Hilco Vision
Osborne Clarke
Pete & Gerry's Eggs
RP Marzilli landscaping


What are the benefits of employing individuals who may not be fluent in the local language?

There are many benefits to hiring linguistically and culturally diverse team members:

  • Varied experiences and knowledge, which together promote creativity and novel problem-solving.
  • Access to local hardworking, qualified community members with limited English proficiency – an approachable, welcoming HR strategy can inspire word-of-mouth recruitment.
  • Insight into other cultures to customize messaging, scaling sales and future growth and building a new local customer base who feel welcome and engaged.
  • Outstanding customer service. Customers are more loyal to companies fluent in their language.
  • A company makeup that resembles the global landscape.

And so much more. Learn more about the benefits of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What strategic services do you provide for managing employees who speak different languages?

Managing a multilingual or global workforce can pose some challenges. We help you create and implement communication strategies and documented processes that mitigate miscommunication and promote individual and group growth and development, a repeatable process for your growing business. Read about creating and implementing tools and strategies for managing multilingual employees here.

What’s the best way to communicate with my international employees?

By providing consistent communication in the languages your employees speak you will build a sense of belonging and inclusion. Translate written materials such as announcements, company-wide emails, handbooks, etc., and provide live or virtual (video or phone) interpreters for spoken communications such as meetings, training sessions, videos, etc. Learn about giving feedback to international employees.

What are some strategies for overcoming language differences at work?

Translation means consistently providing information to employees in their preferred language; interpreting means each employee will be heard and feel understood. A high-quality language service provider will help you determine the most cost-effective strategy with the greatest impact. For example, you may benefit most from:

  • Prioritizing content translation
  • Translating and culturally adapting documents with intent
  • Augmenting printed material with audio/visual and social media campaigns
  • On-demand interpreting services available 24/7
  • Language-specific outreach to local communities

and countless other tools and services that help you communicate effectively with your employees, all of which work together toward that sense of belonging.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Human Power Solutions

Rapport International offers unique solutions to corporations with a diverse employee population or an international presence. In this global world, the opportunities are endless. Even the smallest companies can start to dream big with access to doing business around the globe. The Rapport International team can help you execute a plan to expand your reach in an effective way.

- President/CEO, Human Power Solutions

Old Colony Elder Services

Rapport International did a presentation on 'what to expect from an interpreter' for my unit, it was great and very useful! Thanks!

- Protective Services Director, Old Colony Elder Services

Kerry Foods

I had the pleasure of hearing Wendy speak. She gives a GREAT presentation with lots of interesting (and fun!) tips on doing business abroad. Her passion really shined through and continued into the networking session. I would definitely recommend Wendy for speaking and training. 

- Account Manager, Kerry Ingredients

quinsigamond community college

Rapport International stands out in their field and provides support and service to their clients that continually raise the bar for the industry. 

- Instructor, Quinsigamond Community College

Brewer Media Group

The team at Rapport International is a solid go-to group, very reliable and responsive to on time follow-up and closure. They have a solid network and have shared connections and solutions with professional timing. 

- Brewer Media Group

Hypha HubSpot Development logo 100tall 2023

The team at Rapport International is tough to beat. They are kind, professional, and experts in translation and interpretation.

If you are looking for a reliable, ethical, and honest partner to help you navigate all of the complexity involved with written translation, spoken interpretation and multilingual communication services use Rapport International.

Highly Recommend.

- Chief Growth Officer, Hypha HubSpot Development

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