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Language Proficiency Testing and Assessments

Measure critical skills – In today’s globalized world, building a team that will communicate effectively with customers, partners, and suppliers from all over the world gives you an instrumental advantage. Use our language proficiency testing as a strategic tool to attract multilingual talent and empower employee success in the workplace.

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Identify employee strengths

Hire the best

Improve communications

How language proficiency testing benefits your business.

Whether you’re expanding operations internationally or serving a diverse customer base, advance your efforts and elevate your team by verifying and promoting language proficiency. Hiring bilingual people and recognizing their abilities attracts a talent pool of diverse perspectives, which in turn inspires novel ideas and problem-solving.

Testing for language proficiency helps you:

  • Find the best employees – identify the candidates equipped with the communication skills that will maximize their potential.
  • Improve customer service and drive sales – employees proficient in the language of your customers, clients, patients, and partners prove your commitment to personalized service, inspiring more efficient problem resolution and increased sales and brand loyalty.
  • Facilitate expansion into new markets – build stronger relationships by identifying who can best communicate with local suppliers, vendors, and partners in the local language.

Strategic use of language proficiency testing ultimately generates a motivated team equipped with the language skills they need to take your business to the next level.

Assess language skills with our easy-to-use tests.

Our language testing services offer an easy solution for businesses seeking to evaluate the language capabilities of their employees and applicants. Expect from us:

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Precision and Accuracy:

Our tests are designed to score language proficiency across all aspects – reading, writing, speaking, listening, and comprehension – ensuring that you get an accurate assessment of an individual’s capabilities.

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Comprehensive Reporting:

Our detailed reports offer insightful feedback, highlighting strengths and proficiencies. This empowers you to make informed decisions about training, recruitment, and talent development strategies.

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Easy Scheduling:

Scheduling testing is easy and convenient. Contact us when you need to schedule a test and we’ll have it ready to administer within 24 to 48 hours.

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Minimal Requirements:

Testing requires only an internet-enabled computer with a good quality headset or speaker and microphone. All computer specifications are outlined in our Language Proficiency Assessment process documentation. A proctor for the exam is recommended for best results.

Need language testing services?

Contact us to discuss your specific language proficiency testing needs and take the first step towards a more globally competitive business.


What is a language proficiency test, or language testing?

Language proficiency pertains to an individual’s capacity to both speak and comprehend a specific language. Proficiency test scores grade the skill with which a person can effectively communicate in the tested language; proficiency levels indicate an individual’s ability to read, write, and converse within a designated language.

How is the test scored and results delivered?

The test is recorded and assessed by certified raters and a score assigned based on a scale governed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Results are provided within 10 business days, often earlier.

What does the test consist of and how long does it take?

The test will take 20 to 40 minutes and consists of three components:

  • A background survey to allow the program to determine the appropriate questions.
  • A self-assessment by the candidate so the program can assign the appropriate test level.
  • A tailored assessment that determines the candidate’s proficiency and fluency in the chosen language.
Who administers the test?

Assessments are given at your location, under your supervision. The optimal testing environment is a quiet location with an internet-enabled computer equipped with a headset or speaker and a microphone.

How do you charge for language testing services?

We invoice for each test administered, upon completion of the assessment. There are no recurring or setup fees; you are only charged when you use the service.

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