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Global Marketing Strategy and Market Research Services

The power of words – Words have meaning, yet it’s the intention behind them that gives them power. Our global marketing services will imbue your message with cultural impact, making it meaningful to your targeted audience. We understand you’ve invested time and energy into your business and work with you as a partner toward success.

marketing strategy

Realize international sales and growth

Maximize initial foreign market impact

Avoid cultural gaffes

Global marketing strategy to help you reach corporate goals.

Just like your website, your global marketing campaign is an essential part of your brand identity, your first point of contact with people and prospects worldwide. And it’s trite but true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Working as your partner we help you devise a strategy for making an unforgettable global first impression, one with the staying power for deliberate, consistent growth across time and geography.

An effective global marketing plan supports corporate strategies by clarifying exactly how translation, localization, globalization, and cultural adaptation contribute to company goals. At the same time, it aligns sometimes-disparate corporate and departmental needs – increased sales without a new marketing campaign, for example, or a broader social media presence without additional personnel – ultimately reaching new markets through a process that is repeatable over time and continents.

When we work with clients we get to know and understand overall company goals then help them develop a strategy that includes:

  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals
  • An initial target market
  • Allocation of internal and outsourced collaborators for efficient implementation
  • A realistic budget for the marketing campaign
  • Outside resources and grants available to support exporting efforts
  • A repeatable process for expanding into additional markets

Whether you are working with a Market Entry Consultant or doing it on your own, our global marketing specialists can guide you with expert advice and the support services you need to make your new venture a success.

Conduct market research and testing to maximize success.

Global market research tests the cross-cultural viability of your brand, product line, or marketing plan within a target market, from the viewpoint of the local audience. Traditions, expectations, experiences, and preferences are handed down through generations, distinguishing one culture from another. Conducting market research and testing provides insight into how these nuances affect business relations, customer behavior, and buying preferences, then guides us in creating and translating content with an authenticity that resonates.

Our market research services include:

marketing research

Brand, product name, and marketing campaign testing

marketing research

Strategy and translation for focus groups and virtual communities

marketing research

Usability testing

marketing research

SEO keyword testing, translation, and localization

marketing research

Industry-specific services such as script and patient narrative translation for clinical trials

marketing research

Transcreation of marketing campaigns to appeal to the target market

Testing early for consumer interest in your products and services and the cultural compatibility of your translated message minimizes the risks involved with venturing into new markets, while maximizing the impact and influence of your initial efforts. Work with an expert to get it right and realize success in new markets.


How do I know if I’m ready to go global?

In a sense, if you’re online you’re already global. Customers worldwide can access your goods and services even if they speak a different language, thanks to translation plugins (although this is never the best alternative). Developing a global marketing strategy goes beyond servicing the occasional customer from abroad, it entails planning for deliberate, targeted global expansion. So, the better question is: are you ready to go global with intention? Consult the Universal Internationalization Readiness Checklist from Soft Land Partners, a global network of exporting professionals and organizations, to find out. And learn more about Determining When to Go Global in our blog.

What are the immediate and long-term benefits of global marketing?

Planning, strategizing, and acting from a global perspective can immediately account for – and service – the international clientele you already have. We see “accidental exporters” every day, companies who did not intentionally market outside their country but find themselves attracting international buyers who stumbled upon their website and initiated a purchase. Whether intentional or not, global marketing efforts of any size reap lucrative, low-hanging sales in the near term; in the long-term, expect brand entrenchment and customer loyalty, which grows out of a respect for the culturally diverse ways in which different cultures do business.

A solid global marketing strategy helps you create a repeatable process for expansion into new geographies and additional markets. Having a global marketing plan in place – one that is consistently refined to adapt and mature over time – helps companies grow their global efforts into a manageable, consolidated Language Operations (LangOps) department, achieving corporate goals across departments with fluidity and consistency, elements vital to customer retention. Learn more from our podcast, The Global Marketing Show, which features guests and viewpoints from every corner of the world and read about how Rotary International optimized its global communications and marketing outreach via a translation strategy.

What is a global marketing strategy and why is it important?

A global marketing strategy is a plan that outlines a culturally appropriate strategy for international sales and marketing or culturally adapts a domestic strategy to appeal to a specific audience or the worldwide marketplace. It encompasses steps small to large – promoting a new product line in a new city, for example, or the complete re-creation (transcreation) of your company’s brand – to attract new audiences and sales.

Simply put, a global business mindset inspires higher revenue and profits, stimulates job growth, and helps you mitigate disruptions in domestic markets. Read a sample of our CEO’s 2021 book, The Language of Global Marketing: Translate your Domestic Strategies into International Sales and Profits to discover the myriad benefits of “thinking globally.”

Where do I start when I want to export?

A good place to start is with our Exporter Treasure Map, which provides all of the resources you need to enter or expand into international territories. The US Government offers a host of free resources, grant monies, and government-backed loans for companies interested in global expansion, which directly addresses the currently lopsided balance of trade. Grant monies can be used for services such as:

  • Translation
  • Trade missions
  • Website localization
  • Culturally adapted marketing design
  • Market research
  • Product testing in target markets

And that’s just for starters. Contact us for an initial conversation and we’ll walk you through it.

Why is it important to do market research or culturally adapt my current marketing messages for an international audience?

Countries do business differently and there are different buying behaviors from one culture to another. Catapulting onto the scene without market testing or culturally adapting your marketing might work but if it doesn’t, results can range from minor fails to major losses – it’s just not worth risking your brand reputation and the costs associated with fixing mistakes. Market research allows you to carefully adapt your strategy for each culture prior to launch (or after a faulty start), circumventing cultural missteps before they can impact your bottom line. Read more about Brand Name Testing & Translation in our blog.

Is machine- or AI translation useful at the start of a global marketing campaign?

The short answer is no. The automated options that exist today cannot reliably adapt or localize your translation with cultural sensitivity. In addition, they are prone to a full range of issues, from minor typos to major cultural faux pas, even misinformation and untruths. Also, by using public platforms to translate you give up privacy, ownership, and copyright of the content. For marketing information, it is always best to have a professional human translator perform – or, at a minimum, review – your translations. Find more information about AI translation here and why to avoid using Google Translate on your website here.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:



Exporting for Global Growth

Companies that export see faster sales growth, job creation, higher pay, and better market stability.

At Rapport International, we guide companies to export success through high-quality translation, interpretation, and culturally adapted marketing strategies. Explore the TREASURE MAP for valuable resources and to learn how to search for market opportunities, find assistance with market research, secure funding, and overcome obstacles.

Download it today and contact us. 

Global Marketing:

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Testimonial - office group

Our business has increased since we started using Rapport International for our marketing translations. By providing our advertising and print materials in a number of languages, we have seen our products explode internationally. Rapport knows how to make a product applicable and appealing in all languages and cultures. 

- Graphics Manager, TOMY Corporation


Rapport International has been really great to work with in terms of communication, and the work they provide in terms of documentation has been easy for us to understand, easy for us to use and act upon, and it’s been very, very enjoyable to work with them as well. 

- Head of Digital Marketing & Systems, Pimberly

oh toys

Totally easy to work with and highly professional. We were able to get a high degree of confidence in the success of our project before we even started. The resulting translation of multiple pages of Japanese information was immediately useful on our website and in our email marketing.

- CEO, Oh! Toys

MHI Agency

Rapport International is not only my go-to source for effective business translation services - they are also one of my favorite content producers. Their videos, podcast, and blog posts are fun, informative, and a highlight of my work week.

Their experience and creativity make them the ideal partner for anyone looking for translation, cultural insight, or marketing acumen when doing business internationally. I highly recommend following and connecting with Rapport International! 

- Founder & Chief Strategist, MHI Agency

Shea Writing and Training Solutions

Rapport International offers high-quality culturally and language adapted marketing and excellent service! I’ve been impressed with how the team at Rapport International takes the time to explain best practices on how I can reach my goals.

I highly recommend them especially if you need marketing across multiple languages and cultures.

- President, Shea Writing and Training Solutions

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