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Translation and Interpreting Services for the Insurance Industry

Competitive Advantage – High-quality interpreting services and the translation and localization of critical information are key to maintaining transparency, regulatory compliance, and open lines of communication with your clients, prospects, and stakeholders worldwide. We provide the high-quality language services you need while keeping your information confidential, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Reliable communication

Optimized customer experience

Industry-trained professionals

Guaranteed confidentiality

Language services yield a competitive advantage and accelerate your global reach.

Carving out market share within the insurance industry hinges on your ability to engage with clients in their preferred language, using precise terminology and culturally appropriate messaging. Effective communication transcends the right words; open lines of communication to new markets by having interpreting services at the ready, and by translating content with attention to cultural nuance and the specific preferences of your target audiences.

Clients and consumers worldwide respond to adapted messaging – a translation management strategy cultivates a sustainable business and a loyal following. Our decades of experience serving companies here in the US and internationally make us the right partner, your guide to the complexities of multilingual transactions, global ventures, and client and stakeholder communications. We will assess – and then retain – the core meaning and essence of your message, across departments and throughout every campaign.

Our insurance industry language services address every facet of your business, including:


Policies and Claims


Underwriting and Reinsurance Documentation


Regulatory Filings


Licensing and Certifications


Policyholder Communications


Risk Management Documentation


Marketing and Advertising Materials


Multilingual Global Marketing Strategy


Multilingual Customer Support

From 24/7, on-demand interpreting services to creative marketing for maximum impact within a new market, we possess the experience and expertise to extend your reach while maintaining your stellar brand reputation. Our interpreters and translators are native speakers, delivering high-quality services to drive growth in emerging markets, both domestically and internationally.

Award Winning Translation and Interpreting Services

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Tailored solutions for the insurance sector.

We assign only industry-trained translators and interpreters to your projects; they address localization and globalization needs with cultural sensitivity and unwavering accuracy. Our attention to detail and commitment to the integrity of your message – and your reputation – guarantees that your brand will resonate with your target audience, in any language or location.

Interpreters Convey Messages Accurately and Professionally

Experienced interpreters are available in person, over the phone, or virtually, to help you, your clients, and stakeholders communicate. Our interpreters are trained to provide a “faithful echo,” conveying your message with precision; they also follow documented processes when questions arise or when language or communication styles require adjustments for cultural sensitivity and adaptation, to instill confidence in all participants. Our full range of services includes scheduled consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, and 24/7/365 access to on-demand, over-the-phone interpreting, as well as video remote interpreting (VRI).

Translate What’s Important to Your Clients and Your Firm

You need to translate policies and claims, regulatory documents, marketing and advertising, and website information. We work with you to determine what should be translated, prioritizing content and managing timelines to maximize consistency and reusable content, building time and cost efficiencies into future projects.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting to Connect Anytime

Whenever you need to have a quick conversation or call, our on-demand over-the-phone interpreters are available. With 24/7/365 access, you can be confident that you have the tools you need to communicate clearly, no matter the language.

Adherence to Confidentiality Requirements

Insurance documentation contains sensitive, proprietary, and often personal information. Our translators, interpreters, and office staff adhere to all applicable agreements, rules, and regulations and maintain confidentiality with the utmost care. We comply with all industry requirements and regard every document and interaction with the same level of care.

Some Helpful Tools to Get You Started:

Interpreting Services:

Everything You Need to Know

Dive into the world of interpreting services with our comprehensive guide. Find detailed descriptions of the various types of interpretation – consecutive, simultaneous, video remote, and telephone – and the best practices for working with each type of interpreter.

Download the guide today to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role interpreters play in breaking down language barriers to foster connections with your patients, clients, and customers.

Successful Translation Management Starts with a Plan

Before embarking on a translation project, take the time to develop a Translation Management Plan (TMP), a tool essential to your project’s success.

A TMP is a document outlining the goals, strategies, and processes for translating content into multiple languages; it is designed to improve the efficiency, impact, and value of translation projects, leading to greater success for your business.

Learn key points about creating a TMP and aligning your strategy and communication goals for global growth.

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