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Consecutive Interpreting often times handles difficult situations or stressful conversations, that's why we have a quality process to ensure everything runs smoothly. With consecutive interpreting your message is conveyed through the interpreter as a faithful echo from the source language to the target language. This type of interpreting works perfectly for conversations between people, small meetings, or one-to-one appointments where the interpreter repeats each person’s words to accurately capture the meaning.

Our interpreters will:

  • Facilitate conversation, not drive it - convey message with no additions, omission, or embellishments.
  • Foster communication and understanding by clarifying and adjusting terminology without becoming involved in the conversation or changing the message.
  • Assist in cultural understanding and adaptation of messages and other non-verbal cues.
  • Remain neutral and removed from the emotion of the situation while facilitating the communication process.
  • Never over-step their position or become aligned with one side or the other.



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We specialize in many different industries and client needs, read additional specialties below to see how we help.

Medical Interpretations

Need an experienced interpreter who is trained in the industry? Rapport International's interpreters are trained and experienced, many with medical interpreting certifications. They understand terminology, which prevents serious issues from arising.

Legal Interpretation

Interpretation for depositions, court proceedings and legal intake is critical within our complex legal system. Rapport International offers experienced interpreters to handle all legal, deposition, and court interpreting situations.

New American Interpretation

You need a system to communicate with the limited English speaking population, Rapport International provides you with tools you need build goodwill and a strong following.

Community Interpretation Services

We work with you to provide quality community interpretation at the most competitive price and can fulfill your government requirements and regulations.

Business Meetings

Can an interpreter help you conduct international business? Of course, we do it all the time! Rapport International eases those communication barriers that can truly make or break a deal.

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interpretation vs. translation: What's the difference?

Understanding the difference between translation and interpretation explained by Rapport International President and owner Wendy Pease.


What's Next? View Our Process.

Our proven process of people-focused interpretations gives you the best solution for your multilingual communication strategies. If you're ready to learn more, start your journey with Rapport International by reading about the interpretation process.

Our Process

Costs and Turnaround

Curious about the costs of interpretations? Learn more about costs and expectations by understanding the factors and guidelines with interpretation pricing.

Cost & Turnaround

Hear it from our clients:


"Rapport International has great customer service skills and the interpreters do an amazing job with patients."

Healthcare Professional / St. Elizabeth’s Sports and Physical Therapy


"Thank you Rapport International, we really appreciate the flexibility of your interpreters!"

- Manager, Nature’s Variety, Inc.


"Let me say that we couldn’t be more happy with the work of your interpreter, she has been a complete professional and has embraced the task since she first arrived here."

Department Head, US Federal Government

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