Multilingual Marketing Translation Technology

Today we’ll talk about some of the technologies and techniques out there that can help, or harm, your multilingual marketing.

Machine Translation

Think of Google translate – this is a great example of machine translation.  You copy and paste a foreign language into one square, pick the target language you want to translate into, and you get a free and fast translation.  It’s free and fast and anyone who has done this, knows that the quality is not dependable.  This is (almost) never a good option for translating your marketing content into another language.

Translation Tools

Translation Memory

Often you’ll hear your professional multilingual marketing agency talk about their translation memory software (TM). What this means is that the agency is using a specialized translation tool that does not do the translation for them, but helps their professional translators stay consistent when working with a client on an ongoing basis. TM software takes the source file to be translated and segments it into smaller portions. It then compares those segments to files the company has already had translated and automatically fills-in a suggested translation for any segments that match previously translated content. This helps the translator save time because they don’t have to continually translate the same content repeatedly. It also helps your company save money because your translation agency will scale the price of the project based on the matches found in the TM.

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Website Translation

Transweblation is a term coined by Rapport International to describe our exciting new automated system for translating ever-changing web content for our clients. Currently, it can take companies an average of 21-steps to complete the process of translating their changing web content.  This long process often takes weeks to implement because there are multiple internal and external people involved, and the steps are cumbersome and fraught with errors.  Transweblation is our simplified process that not only cuts the number of steps in half, but it automates the process and puts it in our hands so your personnel are freed up to do their jobs.  Not only do we take over the management of your website translations from start to finish, but we improve the quality of your translations and take your transweblation headaches away. Transweblation also allows you to use your copy across multiple platforms – such as websites, white papers, SEO, blogs, and social media – because we keep a translation memory to help you keep consistency of voice on all these platforms, and save you costs.

So as you can see, new technology and processes are always evolving. We’re very excited to be offering our own technology into the mix and would love to hear what you think. Please contact us if you have any comments or if you would like information about transweblation, or anything else we’ve discussed here.  And as always, we offer free project consultation and free quotes.

Join us next time when we talk about Getting the Highest Quality Multilingual Marketing Translation.


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