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Virtual and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services

Clear, virtual communication – Demonstrate your commitment to the deaf- and hard-of-hearing community and your limited- or non-English speaking customers, clients, patients, and partners by providing virtual interpreters to foster clear, accurate communication. Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting in need of a virtual interpreter or a small meeting of remote participants, we offer video interpreting services to fit any situation.

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Promote clear communication

Foster collaboration and understanding

Be prepared for every variable

Video interpreting service options to meet all your needs.

While on-site, in-person interpreting is considered ideal, it’s not always possible. When you’re in a situation where you need a high-quality, trustworthy interpreter but someone can’t be there in person, use one of our seamless, virtual interpreting services.

On-demand VRI services, there when you need them.

Offering both subscription or per-minute plans with zero hidden fees, virtual remote interpreting (VRI) provides one-click access to interpreters skilled in American Sign Language (ASL) and over 20 other languages. This on-demand service meets immediate needs when you must communicate with someone who speaks a different language – it is specifically for participants together in a single location in need of a virtual, consecutive interpreter. Rely on our high-definition video, crisp audio, and clear, impartial interpreting to bridge language and cultural divides and promote open communication!

Unlike over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), VRI participants can see each other clearly, allowing participants to see body language and other visual and cultural nuances. Our interpreters are trained and certified, and routinely monitored for quality assurance. All conversations are via a confidential, secure connection, compliant with HIPAA and similar requirements.

VRI requires only a high-quality internet connection and is accessible on any internet-connected device. Our cloud-based system is compatible with leading telehealth platforms and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and seamlessly facilitates two-way audio and video connections among patients, their family members, and clinicians, anytime.

Scheduled virtual interpreting services for when you can plan ahead.

In addition to on-demand services, video sessions for consecutive interpreting services are available by appointment. Scheduled services can accommodate:

  • Multiple participants in remote locations, in contrast to VRI’s two-way connection.
  • Rarer languages not yet available on demand.
  • Specialized or sensitive topics requiring a specific interpreter or knowledge set.
  • Complex scheduling and logistics; for example, when an in-person interpreter is unavailable, but you need that personalized service.

Scheduled sessions provide consecutive interpreting services over any virtual meeting app or program – Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc. – making it ideal for interactions that require a personal connection.

Quality virtual interpreting services promote clear communication in every setting.

VRI and virtual interpreting services benefit companies of every size, serving as testament to high-quality customer service and representative of a healthy respect for differences in language and communication styles.

Expect quality service from us, every time, including:


On-demand, certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters 24/7/365


On-demand Spanish language VRI services, 24/7/365


More than 20 additional languages on demand, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 10 pm Eastern


Scheduled services for rarer languages


Confidential, secure connections


Trained and certified professional interpreters

We are always adding languages to our list of on-demand options so please contact us with your requests.


What’s the difference between virtual interpreting and VRI?

While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, VRI specifically refers to consecutive interpreting services accessed on demand via a click in an app. Virtual interpreting refers to a scheduled meeting with a consecutive interpreter for participants in remote locations that require a more intimate, personal connection than over-the-phone (OPI) interpreting. Learn more about interpreters for virtual meetings and presentations.

How does VRI work?

After contacting us, please allow 3 business days for VRI account setup. Once your account is established, authorized users simply click a link, confirm their account information, add billing details as needed, and connect with an interpreter in a selected language. Locating and connecting with a VRI interpreter takes 3 minutes, on average, and you are not billed during the wait time. At the end, users can provide feedback to maintain quality and improve future interaction. Get answers to the top 10 VRI Questions and discover 8 Common Misconceptions about Interpreting in our blog.

How does VRI billing work?

You can opt for a monthly subscription plan, with billing customized to include whatever pertinent information you need, or be charged by the minute based on usage. On-demand VRI services have no one-time or hidden fees and no service charges. You are billed only for the minutes an interpreter is online with you; on average, connecting with a VRI interpreter takes three to five minutes and you are not charged while you wait. Learn more about the cost of interpreting services.

How does scheduled video interpretation work?

When you need to schedule an interpreter for a virtual meeting the first step is to contact our team to discuss your specific needs such as date and time, language(s) needed, and the topics to be discussed or presented. Our team will then assign an industry-specific interpreter and work out the logistics for technology and other necessities.

What are the pros and cons of VRI & scheduled virtual interpreting?

VRI and scheduled video interpreting allow you to visually connect with participants. On-demand VRI demonstrates your commitment to the ASL- and limited English proficient (LEP) communities; and oftentimes it’s difficult to find in-person interpreters for rarer languages, scheduled video interpreting is a reliable alternative. Virtual services feel personalized, instantly overcoming language barriers and allowing participants to focus on content, meaning, and connection; participants can see each other clearly, which accounts for visual cues and cultural nuances. It’s also cost effective – billed either by subscription or by the minute, without startup fees – and promotes equity while satisfying the regulatory requirements of the medical, legal, and educational fields.

The technology is not useful for participants with visual limitations; for example, deaf-blind individuals require in-person interpreting (tactile ASL interpreting). Technology issues may cause limitations; for example, connectivity issues, platform or application issues, lagging sound, and poor video quality can impact the quality of the meeting. Read more on Staying Connected with Clients and Customers in our blog.

What if I just need a quick phone conversation with an interpreter?

Phone interpreting services are a viable alternative to VRI – in that case, participants can be together or in separate, remote locations, via a connection facilitated by a human operator. Services are also on-demand, billed by the minute with no startup, subscription, or hidden fees. Read about how phone interpreting works in Medical Offices & Hospitals.

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Everything You Need to Know

Dive into the world of interpreting services with our comprehensive guide. Find detailed descriptions of the various types of interpretation – consecutive, simultaneous, video remote, and telephone – and the best practices for working with each type of interpreter.

Download the guide today to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role interpreters play in breaking down language barriers to foster connections with your patients, clients, and customers.

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Precise and impartial interpreter services prove your commitment to your customers, your workforce, and your business. Interpreters foster genuine cross-cultural connections, resulting in more successful and mutually beneficial patient, student, and employee relations, smoother business dealings, and collaborative problem-solving.

Interpreting services promote trust – get your free quote today.

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Rapport International has great customer service skills and the interpreters do an amazing job with patients. 

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You guys are consummate professionals! I always feel confident referring colleagues to you. 

- School Administrator, Perkins School for the Blind

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The Rapport International team are rockstars!!

I cannot say how much I appreciate their communication and pro-activeness. They make my work a lot easier and I cannot thank them enough! 

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The interaction with Rapport was always easy and the service provided really good. We only have good things to say! 

- Sr Director of Growth, ClearSale

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Awesome customer service and support!

- Director of English Language Learners, Wellesley Public Schools Production Center

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