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Webinar presented by ContentBacon and Rapport International

Global internet usage is accelerating quickly as we all work online, which means you have an opportunity to reach even more prospects. There’s just one catch, and it’s a big one. Can you create the right content to be understood?

There’s more to creating engaging content than just writing. You need to connect with your audiences across their culture and language, whether they are in the US or international.

Presented on: June 24, 2020

ContentBacon and Rapport logos combinedWhat You'll Learn

We rounded up best practices on Content and Translation Creation and Management so you can connect with your audience.

  • Your Website Makes You Global - Learn how to create content that offers the optimal user experience.
  • Appeal to a Global Audience - Find out what’s keeping your marketing content from “speaking” to your audiences.
  • Examples of What Works - See live examples of what’s working for top brands with global footprints.


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Categories: Project Planning & Management, Culturally Appropriate, Multilingual Growth

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