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In our last legal translation blog we talked about the importance of translating your website and SEO for reaching your non-English-speaking clients. Today we will introduce a streamlined process from Rapport International, RapAlert, for keeping your ever-changing content translated.

Website Translation Workflow

 “Content is King!”  Agencies worldwide stress this and firms keep writing and posting copy.  They struggle with writing enough, keeping version control, managing the process of uploading on a timely basis, etc.  Then they must consider all these same issues for every language they translate their website into. More and more, there is a need for a simplified website translation and posting process. Rapport International has addressed this need by offering a customized service called RapAlerttm.

website translation process - RapAlert

Legal Website Translation Process

As with everything that feels difficult, once you break it down into a process, it becomes easier to manage. Currently, most firms must complete an average of 21-steps in the process of translating their changing web content.  This system often takes weeks to implement because there are multiple internal and external people involved, and the steps are cumbersome and fraught with errors.

Imagine an ideal process:

  1. English copy written – loaded to website
  2. An automatic alert is sent to the translation agency’s dedicated client project manager
  3. Translation agency reviews to see if it fits company guidelines for translation
  4. Appropriate material is sent to the assigned translators (who stay the same on each account for consistency of voice)
  5. Translation comes back
  6. Project manager determines who proofs the translation – agency, editor, or client internal reviewer and sends it along. If no review is necessary, it moves to step 8
  7. Reviewed translation goes back to original translator who finalizes the translation, or raises questions
  8. Project manager resolves any questions and finalizes the translation
  9. Project manager loads translation to website, or sends to client designated webmaster to load
  10. Copy is in all designated languages

Your firm is only responsible for these steps:

  1. English copy written – loaded to website
  2. Internal proof is desired

Imagine that, you only deal with the English and the RapAlert process takes care of updating all your content into the right language and message.

legal translation servicesThis simplified process is a service offered by Rapport International that boils the old multi-step process for the legal firm to the two steps above. By consolidating and simplifying the steps, we can improve the quality of your translations and take your website translation headaches away.

Our RapAlert system also allows you to use your copy across multiple platforms – such as websites, white papers, SEO, blogs, and social media – because when we translate your copy, we keep a “translation memory” so if you want to later create social media posts or other documents that reuse the copy from your website, we leverage the memory to keep consistency of voice and save you costs.

Partnering with an agency, such as Rapport International, who can simplify your website translation process is a great way to keep your websites up to date quickly and easily, and to make sure an appropriate, consistent message reaches your audience in every language, and in every search. 

Join us next time when we discuss Getting the Right Type of Legal Translation.

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