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Patient Records Translation

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"Medical Tourism" is the term that refers to traveling to another country for medical procedures.  Correct patient records translation contributes to overall success.  While the United States is the most expensive healthcare market in the world, states like Florida actively promote themselves by playing up its hospitality, its mild climate, and the quality of its medical centers.  Florida's state legislature actually allocated money to medical tourism promoting Florida as destination for patients. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA has an International Patient Center to assist international travelers in procuring treatment in the five specialty areas.

Additionally, it is estimated that approximately 750,000 US residents travel abroad each year for medical surgeries due to cost considerations.  Three of the most common procedures that are often cheaper abroad are cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and heart surgery.  In fact, Korea is now known as the "plastic surgery mecca" of the world.  Other top destinations are Thailand, Hungry, and India.

The most significant risk of traveling abroad for medical procedures is communication.  Clear, concise translation will greatly decrease, if not eliminate, the chance for misunderstandings.

Typically the first step for a person seeking medical treatment abroad is to contact a medical tourism provider.  This provider requires the patient to provide the nature of the ailment, local doctors' opinions, medical history, and diagnosis.  At this time, certified physicians are brought in to review the information and make recommendations.  The approximate cost, choice of hospitals, and duration of stay are also discussed.  All this information is then presented to the destination country's medical provider and must be in their native language for maximum understanding.

The provider deals with both ends of the transaction - they represent the patient in one country and they represent the doctor/facility in another country.  Clearly it is imperative that the provider has accurate patient records translation.  Medical jargon in your native language is difficult enough to understand, let alone when dealing with those terms in a foreign language.

Imagine having to negotiate this process not feeling confident that your medical records, your expectations, and your desired results will be accurately communicated to the doctor and/or facility.  These are all crucial factors that must be fully understood by both parties.  A good, trustworthy provider will employ a reputable translation agency.

The translator must understand the medical systems in both countries for optimal success.  Rapport International provides translators that understand the medical systems in both countries so that the patient record translations are accurate and complete.  This gives every patient some peace of mind in an already intimidating situation, knowing that this information is clearly communicated.

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