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Migration within the United States

In August of 2014 the New York Times published a report about migration within the United States (click the map to view the article and use the interactive map).  They created an interactive map that shows how many people, state by state, were born in that state vs. other U.S. states, or from outside the U.S.  They went even further to provide the same data historically for the years 1950 and 1900 so you can see how migration has changed within the U.S. over the past 100+ years.

New York Times Migration in US Map

It is interesting to note that not only has migration within the U.S. increased, but the number of residents from “Outside the U.S.” has increased significantly in the past 50 and 100 years. Many of those immigrants, or “New Americans”, speak a foreign language at home and as their first language.

This market segment is a significant portion of the population in many states, and it is continuing to grow.  The most successful companies understand this growing population is an untapped market and are using professional language service providers like Rapport International to translate their packages, labels, documents and websites to make their products and services more accessible to these foreign-language speakers who now live in the U.S.

If your company wants to expand its products and services to this New American market, contact Rapport International for a free consultation to discuss your options, or send in your documents for a free no-obligation quote.

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