#56 | Celebrating 1 Year of Episodes!

Wendy Pease, host and President of Rapport International, commemorates the first anniversary of The Global Marketing Show podcast with a live episode.

She talks about how the podcast got started with Aubin Mutschler, a local high school intern and then she shares some of her favorite episode guests and a few big announcements.

Tune into this special episode to learn about the show and help us celebrate.


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ATTENTION:  Below is a machine generated transcription of the podcast.  Yes, at Rapport International, we talk a lot about how machine translation is not good quality.  Here you see an example of what a machine can do in your own your language.  This transcription is provided as a gist and to give time indicators to find a topic of interest.


[00:00:35] Wendy: Hi everybody. This is Wendy Pease with my first. Live stream videos. So I'm so excited to be here. Uh, I wanted to come on and announce that, uh, the global marketing show podcasts, which we've been doing for a year is gonna start streaming live in October. That will be our one-year anniversary. And to celebrate that we're going to start going live and, [00:01:00] uh, we'll be recording it.

[00:01:02] It's so exciting. I mean, And how the podcast got started was I got a call from a high school student who was a junior in high school, and he was looking for something fun to do for the summer. He asked if I had any internship. I said, sure, we can come up with something. He speaks French and English. He saw there was language company in town.

[00:01:24] Uh, so he reached out and I brainstormed a whole list of things. And one of them was [00:01:30] launching a podcast and he said, uh, Uh, his name is Oban and he said he had, he'd had an interest in learning about that. So he dug into it, figured it out. Uh, we worked with Lisa, Lisa Ray, who is our global marketing manager here at Rapport International.

[00:01:49] So Oban and Lisa worked together and, um, made meet the talent. I figured out a whole process to make it happen. So it's, it's so exciting. We're coming up through a year. [00:02:00] We've had a, about 52 episodes. We've had some amazing guests and some that I'd like to call out to our, um, Uh, episode number there in this is in no particular particular order just as they came to mind.

[00:02:17] But episode number 46 was Babs Ryan, um, who I met through iERG or the international executive resource. And she talks about her [00:02:30] experience in doing business in 88 countries. So she's aiming for a hundred. So as soon as COVID slows down, she'll be back out there. I have yet to meet anybody that's done business in the south pole.

[00:02:44] Um, so if you know anybody there love to get them on the show, um, there was number 43. Sutherland. Um, who's bringing the fractured gold global business community together and offering training [00:03:00] to, to new entrance. So a lot of the world trade centers actually work separately and there's a lot of state and federal organizations that support and there's pockets of people doing global work all over.

[00:03:12] Place, but there's no one unified place. So, you know, he sees that as kind of his mission. I just know when I end up around people who are passionate about global business and the opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses, particular, I feel like I found my tribe. So it was very interesting [00:03:30] talking to max, uh, now episode number.

[00:03:33] Seven was Scott Wilder. He's a customer experience person at HubSpot now, and he's been doing some fantastic work. He talks about the struggles in creating, um, international customer engagement because all cultures engage in different ways. And so he's trying to figure out what. Spot as a global company, how they're going to go about doing that?

[00:03:59] Number 2 [00:04:00] 22 is late Bailey. He has a soft spoken. Gentlemen that has a hard business drive from Kansas. And he talks about why all manufacturers should be exporting. He's a fascinating guy. Um, and, and he should know about exporting because he took his company from 20 million to 150 million, um, by going international.

[00:04:25] So the opportunities are out. Uh, one of my favorite people to talk to as [00:04:30] number 17, Patrick Nunez, Abrar rotary, um, he's one of the most impressive globalists that I've ever talked to. He talks about how rotary had different marketing. They were really multinational and people, uh, uh, driving the marketing message from different countries and how he was able to pull that together.

[00:04:50] Some global direction to that and unify the message and make you a rotary, a stronger organization. So I think he's a really, uh, great, [00:05:00] uh, story on how a company can, can pull all that together and work together. Um, a lively one is number 15 with evac, Yvonne Roseanne. She's the LinkedIn expert, and we got to laughing and talking about how to make your LinkedIn profile.

[00:05:18] Appropriate for, uh, globalization and translation. So if you're a LinkedIn user or want to be at, definitely check her out. She's a, she's a hot ticket. Um, number [00:05:30] four, Randy Rogers. Oh, I enjoyed talking to her so much. She reflected back on a prior company where she was responsible for the global outreach, global sales, global marketing.

[00:05:41] And. Mistakes that they made in the translation, then how she would have set it up to be more efficient than the company. Um, and if you want to learn about my book, the language of global marketing episode, number 31 is where Andrea Houston to switch the tables [00:06:00] and interviewed me about writing the book and why I wrote that.

[00:06:03] So, you know, those are just some of the fun episodes that are on there. If you know anybody who would be interested. To hear their stories as a guest, certainly reach out to me because we'll be scheduling these and doing them live. That'll be a lot of fun. So I want to thank all the listeners. This has been huge that we have reached over 50 countries.

[00:06:26] That's a quarter of the countries in the world. 200 [00:06:30] countries and we've been, we've been downloaded in 50 countries. So that is just amazing to me. It's the power of the internet and the power of global marketing. Um, and thank you so much to people who've returned and listened to multiple episodes. Uh, certainly tell me which ones you like and why.

[00:06:48] Um, I love getting your feedback. We have a Facebook group called. Global marketing and growth. And so you can look for that and join in a discussion there. And if you have [00:07:00] questions about global marketing or you're looking for connections, that's a good place to go. Um, so I'm very happy, uh, other people that I need to thank.

[00:07:09] Our Casey Cheshire of Cheshire communications. He's a fellow EO member and he was the one that launched this podcast journey. He says, it's a great way to get to know people and find in continually learn. So, uh, thank you so much to Casey for launching me on this [00:07:30] Don Williams of Don Williams global. Uh, who answers any of my EEO questions or growth questions?

[00:07:36] Anytime I have him, he's been a, um, a real good mentor for a lot of people in EO and successful business owner, Trent Clark of leadership, he and a three-time major league baseball world seat series, coach. Um, he talks about training, uh, leaders all over the world. So he's introduced me to some people. So these are some of the EO [00:08:00] members.

[00:08:00] If you're not familiar with. EO is entrepreneurs organization. It is a global organization for business owners of a certain size, the resource and the supports are fantastic. So if you're a business owner, founder, um, and you're looking for some support and you're interested in growing and you want to find your tribe to hang out with, this is another great plates that you know, so.

[00:08:26] Reflections on doing the podcast. Uh, [00:08:30] it's been a ball. I really have enjoyed this because it's an hour of in-depth conversation where I just get to ask questions and learn about people, learn about their fears, their travels, their interests, how they get into global marketing. So many have some sort of background, um, from when they were young about, um, traveling or being.

[00:08:53] Or family members or something, but we even had one guest that I interviewed that had no background in [00:09:00] global, no exposure. And he's, he's running the global marketing and Salesforce company. Um, and he's never even left the country. So there's lots of ways that you can, can do this. Um, and I just always have to put a reminder out there that the federal and state governments have supports for people who want to export.

[00:09:20] If you have any questions about who to reach out to in your state? Certainly, uh, ding me on, uh, email or, uh, for social media, [00:09:30] whichever platform you're on. And, um, I'll get back to you with your direct content on the state. Finally, I wanted to go into the big announcement, so the podcast will start streaming live in October.

[00:09:42] Um, and then we'll still be posting it. You can go, uh, to the internet and just search for the global marketing show podcast. And you can find it, uh, anywhere on apple, Spotify, Google tune in Amazon [00:10:00] Pandora. And so any of your favorite listening app, so you can go to, you can also go directly to the website, um, and stream it from there.

[00:10:08] If you want to listen to any of the episodes that I, um, Uh, talked about, and then another big announcement that I have is that the audio version of the book, the language of global marketing is launching. So it's on Amazon now. So. I, uh, had heard that it's [00:10:30] actually best for the author to read it if it's a business book.

[00:10:33] So I had a lot of fun working with Brian Morris, coming to my house and put me in a closet and teaching me how to read an audio book. So if you're not the type of person that likes to read a hard copy book or any book, and you like listening to it as you're walking through the woods or doing yard work, like I happen to do, you can, um, download the audio book and listen there.

[00:10:57] And it's, it's a lot of reasons [00:11:00] about why it's an advantage to export and then how you go about doing that. So, uh, I do all this. Fun stuff for educating people and helping people understand the whole world that can open up. If you. Uh, do translation interpretation and our main job at Rapport International is to help people with their translation interpretation.

[00:11:27] And I consult with people all day long [00:11:30] about this, on how to communicate across languages. So if you have any questions or I can help you in any way, certainly reach out to me, I'd be happy to help. So if you want to reach me. You can see our website. If you'd like to reach out, we've got a huge learning center on there that you can, uh, search for anything about global marketing translation, interpretation, telephone interpreting, which is only a dollar 40 cents per minute.

[00:11:58] And you can talk to anybody in the [00:12:00] world, even if you don't speak the same language. So this is all for now. Uh, hope you enjoyed and certainly follow me so you can catch more of our. Bye-bye

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