#01 | Welcome to the Global Marketing Show

The Global Marketing Show is a new podcast from Rapport International. 

Each week we will talk to experts in global/international business, marketing, culture and diversity about their experiences, fears, challenges and successes.

We'll learn how to build a strategy and process for selling to customers in other countries or who speak another language, where to start when you want to export, mistakes that have been made and how to overcome or avoid them, and hopefully we'll have some fun and laughs along the way.

Listen and subscribe so you never miss an episode. And reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any requests for topics or guests who can add to the discussion.

Connect with Wendy - https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendypease/ 
Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com 

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