#46 | 88 Countries & Counting!

Babs Ryan is a dynamite!

She’s Board Director for Worker’s Credit Union, got a pile of patents, been to 88 countries and aims to join the “Century Club”! 

Her college boyfriend wisely said, “global business will make us rich, let’s get an MBA in that.” 

While he dropped out, she succeeded.

Listen to her share her wealth of stories about her global experiences in marketing. 

Learn about the La La La (or No No No in Arabic) campaign in the Middle East; the “matching leathers” campaign for Kawasaki; and how the best marketers (Nike, Orvis, REI, Airbnb) are connecting people.


Connect with Wendy - https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendypease/

Connect with Babs - https://www.linkedin.com/in/babsryan/

Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com


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