TIDBITS: Translation Goofs, Cultural Tips & Language Trivia

A fun visual compilation of our best Tidbits

Rapport International has shared cultural or language "tidbits" with email subscribers for years. Our subscribers look forward to reading an interesting fact or getting a chuckle over funny language and translation mishaps bimonthly.

Now you can download a picture book compilation of some of our most interesting, and sometimes funniest tidbits.

You'll read some fun facts about:

  • Bad translations - for a laugh
  • Cultural tips - so you know what to do, and what NOT to do
  • Idioms - and how they differ between countries and languages
  • Fun facts - learn how things are done in other cultures
  • And, more

Download your copy today by filling out this short form and enjoy some trivia, and hopefully a few laughs, from the experts at Rapport International.

Tidbit book cover Updated

Ready for some laughs? Get the TIDBIT book!