Exporting to the US

Easy, Scalable Marketing Strategy for Entering the US


Enter the US market with confidence in your marketing strategy. Marketing to a US audience is different. Trying to sell the same way across geography and cultures can leave you frustrated. We look through a cultural lens to craft practical, results-oriented strategies to reach your target market.

We can help you to:

  • ​Develop a Clear Marketing Roadmap – Know which tactics to pursue to enter the US market, reach your ideal client, and how to measure effectiveness.
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing Investments - Have confidence that your marketing investments will lead to company growth, and are well coordinated towards your overall goals.
  • Reach Your Goals Faster – With a US market entry marketing strategy in place, you are able to reach your goals faster while building an infrastructure that will allow you to scale.
  • Focus on Other Areas of Your Business –With a clear direction for your US marketing, leverage your time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Stop struggling with which strategies to use to enter the US market. Make informed marketing investments that deliver positive return on investment. Work with the cultural experts to drive growth and enter the US market confidently.


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Speak with one of our experts about strategies for entering the US market

Tactics for Attracting Ideal Clients

No marketing strategy relies on one method of attracting clients. Here are a few tactics we consider when developing marketing strategies:

  • Website
  • Email marketing
  • Hold focus groups with new clients to gather feedback
  • Paid Advertising
  • Podcast interviews
  • Webinars, partnered with clients
  • Build affinity groups and offer them content and information earlier than the general public
  • Ask clients for testimonials and referrals
  • Use social media platforms to drive traffic to your website by sharing information, statistics, success stories, and staff highlights on social media that link to your website
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The Rapport International Team is ready to help you with implementation of our recommendations. We have several options available:

  1. Work with you to fully implement our recommendations utilizing our team of trusted partners, selected to meet your specific needs.
  2. Serve in an advisory capacity as you use your resources to implement these recommendations.
  3. Offer specific services that you need to implement our recommendations, which could include:
    • Content writing or adaptation
    • Website build
    • Translation into other languages
    • Additional market research
    • “Marketing Leadership” package of fractional CMO monthly services for implementation
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