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Curious about website translation costs?  Here's everything you need to know:

Quite commonly, a potential client will send a link of a website for translation.  These days, websites are very robust – tons of static and updating information.  Plus, there may be current news releases that continually update.

When we get a link, we always ask if the text exists in a Word document. If it does, that makes it so much easier.  We can see the total length and make sure not to miss any text.  This is the best situation for quoting the actual website translation. If there is no word document of the website copy, then we may copy and paste all the text into a word document for a word-count estimate to get an understanding of the size of the project.  Once we get an understanding of the size for the translation costs, we also need to know whether we will be loading the translated text into the website or whether the client will handle that.  We work with clients in both situations.

Usually, at this point, when we present the price to the client, the client gets a bit surprised at how much it costs.  Then we take the time to discuss the goals and purpose for the website translation.  The situations and needs vary so there are many ways to adapt the website to meet the client goals.  Here are some examples:

  • A Community Health Center with multiple locations launched a very robust site that had current news releases, listed all their doctors and other health care professional and their bios and other information that was not necessary to reach their goals of communicating pertinent information to non-English speaking patients.  Necessary information included facility directions, policies and procedures, offerings at the different clinics, forms and frequently asked questions.  Once we identified the necessary information, we could narrow down the pages that needed to be translated for the website and saved the client the unnecessary expense of over-translating and managing non-useful information.
  • An exporting company wanted to test a new international market and the owner decided that he needed his website translated to show an international presence.  To translate all the pages and all the product information reached beyond his goal of testing product sales for one product in a new market.  We helped him narrow down the translation to just the specifications page, pricing and ordering for the test.  This saved the company money, time and hassle but enabled the website to grow as the company expanded.
  • A US legal firm worked in multiple countries and conducted most of the business in English.  But, to show that they had a presence in these countries, they wanted to make their website multi-lingual.  We recommended writing one page of information about the firm that could be translated and then posted on the website as a landing page for anyone searching for information about the firm in one of the identified languages.  This format met the goals of the firm by providing information in each language.

The best way to figure out how much it costs for a website translation is to identify your goals, narrow down the information that needs to be translated and then focus on that project.  Your main website may need to be robust but your translated website may not need to be.   The costs can range from a minimal cost of $100 to thousands of dollars.  Of course, any great agency will help walk you through this process.

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