Understanding Patent Translations:


Patent translation services including filing documents, research documents, contractsNeed help understanding patent translations?  Here are 10 reasons to consider doing business with Rapport International:
  1. Our legal translators are skilled and educated in patent translations.
  2. All translators are bound by confidentiality contracts.
  3. All patents are translated and completed in the correct patent format.
  4. Rapport provides fast turn around times and top quality work.
  5. Rapport provides free project consultations and guaranteed price quotes.
  6. Rapport understands the legal translation industry and has extensive patent translation experience.
  7. We provide quality control and advanced project management.
  8. Our translations are 100% accurate the first time around.
  9. We always include the case number on all documents.
  10. Rapport International, LLC is the best in the legal translation business!  So give us a call to find out how we can help grow your business and ease the legal complications of translating patents.

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