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As an industry leader in the Translation Services Boston category, we wondered how our new clients seek us out.  Over the last couple of years, Rapport International, LLC did some research on this topic.  We found that many new clients were referred by current clients. Other new contacts were in our various business and social networks. Some found us during a web search.  One of the first questions from people who found us on a web search was “Are you located near Boston?”  Perplexed by this question, I started looking into it.

I Googled “translation companies” and visited a handful of the sites.  The companies that I found were located all over the United States, yet they had pages on their site that described a variety of cities.  Companies include these "city" pages so that their website will show at the top of searches done for “translation” in each of these cities.  I thought it was a very smart and tricky way to place well in search engine optimization.

I also researched what our clients want in a translation agency and found the following key requirements:

  • Translation specialty in their industry
  • Close location to the client
  • Quality services and dependable translation
  • Competitive prices

When I looked at this, I realized that the question “are you located near Boston” related to the desire of clients to work with a translation company that provides foreign translation services that were located nearby.  Thus, translation services Boston was a frequently used search term and clients called and screened whether the company was really located close to Boston.

There are about 40 translation companies based in the greater Boston area and about 3000 language translation companies in the United States.  Each firm has a specialty whether you can tell if from their site or not.  But for all of them, it’s probably good to know that clients want a nearby and dependable translation agency to work with.

The real irony of the situation is that even though our new clients like us to be located nearby, our consistent clients want us to work fast, deliver results and rarely want to see us.  But, we are here and like to see our clients wherever they are located.  So if you are looking for a translation company and search “translation services Boston”, I do hope that we come up near the top since we are actually located right outside of Boston.

Rapport International, LLC is an international translation company located in Metro-west Boston.  We can provide precise language translation in over 200 languages.  We provide free quotes, free project consultations, and excellent customer service.


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