Translation Costs

Translation costs are a difficult subject to explain.  There are no easy answers because there are a number of variables involved with each project that helps determine the cost.

For example, some clients have a few short lines of instructions in a word document.  That’s the easiest to price – it’s our minimum charge of $95.  In the professional translation industry, minimum charges can range from a low of $95 – to a high of $250.  I say professional translation industry because you can always find a bi-lingual person to do it for less, but you run the risk on sub-standard quality.

We rarely give a price per word since we are doing an estimate up front.  The price per word is based on the translated word count.  For example, if you have a document going from English to another language, the text will expand from 10-40%.  Just think of the word “Fahrvergnügen”.  In German, it’s one word.  In English it’s 4 words, “the pleasure of driving”.  This is a 40% expansion to get the translation accurate.  We expand 20% and then give a range of what we estimate the project to cost.  Our philosophy is to price accurately so there are no high cost surprises at the end.

Some agencies play games with “price per word”.  They might give you a smaller price per word, but then charge a project management fee.  They might start with a low price per word, but inch it up once you start working with them.   Our philosophy has won us new clients after they tried a competitor’s low price and it keeps us clients when they realize that we price fairly and offer a quality service.

In order for us to give an accurate and solid quote, we often need to see the materials that need to be translated.  Prices can depend on a number of factors including:

  • Complexity of the material
  • Format of the document (is it in a Word format)
  • Density of the material (words versus white space)
  • Pictures and Diagrams  (is their text to translate)
  • Language Requested ( European languages are less than character languages)
  • Size of the Project
  • Ongoing Project
  • Lead Times

Rapport International, LLC always offer free consulting and price quoting so we can understand your needs.  Each project is unique and we give it the attention you deserve.  Calculating translation costs is an intricate process the needs a lot of information to be accurate.  For more information, please visit us at

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