Translation Agreements -- What You Need To Know

Translation agreements are the foundation for doing business with a translation company.  When you hire a professional translation company, you want to build a long-term relationship that will ensure accuracy, consistency and timely translations.  There are several ways that you can ensure the best service and highest quality translations.   Adapted from an article written by Wendy Pease of Rapport International, here is a list of items that should always be included in a successful translation agreement.

  1. Specify the source language and the target language.  The source language is the original language and the target is the language you desire.
  1. List the country or countries where the translations will be used.
  1. Indicate the purpose of the translation – whether it will be used for information, publication, advertising, legal, marketing or other ends.
  1. Provide the date the translation will be required and the means of delivery preferred.
  1. Specify the format requirements for the final translated copy or provide a sample of how the material should appear.
  1. Include any additional services required: extra originals, number of copies, type setting, or long term storage of materials for future revisions.

Selecting a qualified translation company is an important responsibility.  By creating an accurate translation agreement, you can maintain quality control and ensure that the project will be a successful one. One company that can help you through the complexities of multi-lingual communications is Rapport International.   Rapport International is a full-service translation and interpretation company based in metro-west Boston.   Rapport can provide quality translation services done by experienced translators in over 200 languages.

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