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Software translation services, website translationWhen considering the cost of website translation, you need to know if estimates include not only the cost of the translation, but also the cost of the layout.  When you built the original site, you had to write it, design it and then upload it.  When translating, that is similar to the writing.  The design should already be done unless it needs to be culturally modified.  And, then it needs to be uploaded.  As a translation agency, we don’t do any design work, but we do upload websites.  There are a number of options on how to handle this:
  1. Mirror image – if you are translating the whole website and want to recreate the site completely in other languages, it’s best to make a mirror image by duplicating the hierarchy.
  2. Landing page – if the translated copy will be one page, then the layout can include one more landing page accessed by the language link from the home page.
  3. Smaller site – if only parts of the website will be translated, then the translated sites can be sub-pages of the English pages.

Of course, the way that you layout your site, will also depend on how it was built.  Discussions with your translation agency and your web master should clarify who is best to lay out the translated website.  If the webmaster does not have foreign fonts, it may be best to have your translation agency do the work.  If your web master is familiar with working with translated copy, the webmaster may be the best one for the project. Other considerations are the cost of each, time capacity, ability to work, and who would make it easiest on you.

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