September International Holidays 2018

To many Americans, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of Summer. Kids go back to school and the summer vacation season comes to an end. Labor Day is a celebration of the labor movement in the US and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. Labor Day became an official federal holiday in 1894, and it is often celebrated with barbecues, travel, and shopping for back-to-school supplies. No matter how you celebrate, we wish you a Happy Labor Day weekend.

What holiday or celebration do you most look forward to in September? Comment below so we can celebrate with you.

Holidays celebrated around the world in September (this is not an exhaustive list, please comment with additional holidays and celebrations):

2nd September

Independence Day: Vietnam

3rd September

Saint Matinus' Day and Republic Day: San Marino

6th September

Defence Day: Pakistan

Independence Day: Swaziland

7th September

Independence Day: Brazil

Victory Day: Mozambique

8th September

National Day: Andorra

Our Lady of Victories: Malta*

9th September

National Day: North Korea

Independence Day: Tajikistan

10th September

St. George's Caye Day: Belize

11th September

New Year: Ethiopia

14th September

Battle of San Jacinto: Nicaragua

Ganesh Chaturthi: Mauritius

15th September

Independence Day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

16th September

Independence Day: Mexico

17th September

Heroes' Day: Angola

18th September

National Day: Chile

19th September

Army Day: Chile

Independence Day: Saint Kitts and Nevis

21st September

Independence Day: Armenia, Malta

Independence Day: Belize

22nd September

Independence Day: Bulgaria, Mali

23rd September

National Day: Saudi Arabia

24th September

Our Lady of Mercedes Day: Dominican Republic

Republic Day: Trinidad & Tobago

25th September

Armed Forces Day: Mozambique

26th September

Mid-Autumn Festival: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Revolution Day: Yemen

29th September

Boqueron Battle Day: Paraguay

30th September

Botswana Day: Botswana


senglea-festa-our-lady-of-victories* On September 8th in Malta they celebrate Our Lady of Victories Day. There is a commemorative ceremony in Valletta to celebrate the lifting of 1565 Siege against the Turks, the capitulation of the French in 1800, and the end of the siege of the Axis powers in 1943. Celebrations include a colorful boat-rowing regatta at the Grand Harbor in the afternoon and traditional feasts are held at: Senglea, Naxxar and Mellieha.


Rapport International works with customers who do business internationally or with culturally diverse customers, and we love to celebrate with our clients. We hope you’ve enjoyed the information above, and that you’ll join us in celebrating on a global level.


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