October International Holidays 2018

For many, the month of October brings up thoughts of costumes, candy and trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Halloween traditions we observe in the U.S. are also practiced in Canada and Ireland. According to the History.com, the modern-day Halloween traditions originated in Ireland. Learn more about the origins or Halloween and some related celebrations around the world by visiting their Halloween Around the World page.

What holiday or celebration do you most look forward to in October? Comment below so we can celebrate with you.

Holidays celebrated around the world in October (this is not an exhaustive list, please comment with additional holidays and celebrations):

1st October

Armed Forces Day: South Korea

Independence Day: Cyprus

National Day: Botswana, China, Nigeria

Unification Day: Cameroon

2nd October

Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday: India

Independence Day: Guinea

3rd October

Foundation Day: South Korea

Morazan Day: Honduras

Unity Day: Germany*

4th October

Independence Day: Lesotho

5th October

Republic Day: Portugal

6th October

Armed Forces Day: Egypt

8th October

Battle of Angamos: Peru

Columbus Day: United States

National Heroes Day: Bahamas

9th October

Independence Day: Uganda

Independence of Guayaquil Day: Ecuador

10th October

Fiji Day: Fiji

Moi Day: Kenya

National Day: Taiwan

Beginning of Independence War: Cuba

12th October

Columbus Day: Mexico

Pan American Day: Belize

Hispanic Day: Spain

Indigenous Resistance´s Day: Venezuela

15th October

Columbus Day: Chile, Colombia, Uruguay

Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity: Argentina

Evacuation Day: Tunisia

Heroes' Day: Jamaica

17th October

Dessalines Day: Haiti

20th October

Mashujaa Day: Kenya

Revolution Day: Guatemala

21st October

Army Day: Honduras

23rd October

Chulalongkorn Day: Thailand

Revolution Day: Hungary

24th October

Independence Day: Zambia

26th October

National Day: Austria

27th October

Independence Day: Saint Vincent, Turkmenistan

28th October

Ochi Day: Cyprus, Greece

29th October

Republic Day: Turkey

31st October

Halloween: Canada, Ireland, United States

Reformation Day: Slovenia


German flag - the German people* Each year since 1990 on October 3rd, Germans celebrate Unity Day. The holiday was created after the wall came down between East and West Germany in late 1989 in celebration of the union, then the reunification of Germany. Each year a different city, usually a state capital, hosts the celebration that includes a ceremonial act and a Festival. In 2018 the celebration is set to take place in Berlin.



Rapport International works with customers who do business internationally or with culturally diverse customers, and we love to celebrate with our clients. We hope you’ve enjoyed the information above, and that you’ll join us in celebrating on a global level.

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